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Primal Insticts: The Protective

Yesterday, a friend of mine...a male friend of mine was forcibly involved in an argumentative settlement/ meeting. He was taken as his department representative, and had to listen to being blamed for the better part of 2 hours, for no fault of his. The blaming apparently was quite strong and derogatory as well.
He came out of the meeting visibly furious. Since we all go back in the same office bus, another friend of ours and I were still waiting for him inside, rather than in the bus.
He stormed to his workstation, and in a moment of uncontrollable rage, flung a huge box file on his desk. Papers were flying and he just stood there seething for a moment. Not usually used to this kind of blatant rage, I stood shocked, and stopped in my tracks quite farther away from him than I would have usually gone.
Normally, I think (since I've never actually been in a similar situation before. (I've occasionally been the one flinging things ;) )) I wouldn't have gone closer...stayed at a sa…

Too much of a good thing

In today's news, I read that some guy who works for Google quit his job. Big deal right? Anyone can quit a good job! But the reason for quitting was what got him on the news: because he was getting too comfortable in it, and everything felt too fun and easy.  The general reaction from the public (as can be expected) was that he was crazy and should just enjoy it, while thanking God for his good fortunes.
However, I actually agree with his views and actions. This might be because of my sometimes strong pessimistic nature, which pops up. Just maybe. When life is getting too easy, and everything feels too peachy, there is a feeling of wariness that settles in. At least in me. It feels like... If everything is going too well, even if I don't pay attention for a second, the bad might creep up on me and totally take me by surprise. When I'm least prepared for it. So, I'd rather, like him, quit while the tide is high. Better safe with lesser comforts than being plummeted do…