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One more last look

There he stood. Just outside the door.
She knew it was him, even from the other end, as she descended the stairs towards the department downstairs. She could identify his tall frame in a crowd.
She didn't have to, but she decided she would go pass on the message to him personally. An email would have sufficed. An email she had already sent.
She liked him. She occasionally crushed on him. It was perfectly clear that he will never be more than what he is right now. But what he was, was more than enough.
Especially when there he stood,  already turned around, already smiling right at her like he'd sensed her coming.
She returned the smile so frankly given with a beam of her own.
"Where are you going?" she asked him.
He was standing on the ground, the 2 steps below where she stood ~ and he was perfectly at her eye level now.
His eyes looked a little worried. The usual sparkle wasn't as bright then.
"I'm planning to run away. Wanna come with?" He winke…