Like none ever before

It was a night like no other
The soft low howl of the echoing through the streets and roads
Yet, it was strong enough to sway her bike
That she had to struggle to keep it steady
As she tried to ride as fast as safety allowed her to.

There was something different in the air
A sense of lonely despair
She was sure it didn’t come from within her
Just an unsettling quiet
On that silent night

It was a night like no other
Fallen leaves, things of poetry
Swirled on the roads like things of nightmares
Small tornadoes, uncharacteristic of that place
Slashing into her, as she tried to focus

And then out of the blue
Out of the inky blue of the late night
It started to rain
Heavy droplets,
That fell like pin pricks

It was a night like no other
People seemed to be in a blind rush
The roads seemed emptier
Yet, there was enough traffic to keep restrict the pace
Within that unspoken serene death race

The wind made sense now
She realized, as the rain drops fell stronger
She took a shortcut
In the hope of getting back faster
Getting home faster

She made another sharp turn
And that’s when it happened
Two vehicles swerved and screeched
Not quite coming to a halt
Barely but successfully avoiding each other

Then, she looked at him
Into his calm and serene eyes
With her panicked and suddenly scared ones
His calmness seemed unnatural
Yet, he smiled just that naturally and rode away

She hadn’t stopped her bike
Though her heart had stopped a bit
For fear. Not because of anything else
Yet his unexpected calm eyes had distracted her enough
Calming her down faster
And then wonder
Why and how they had been so
The rain had given way
Between that turn, her thoughts and now
The sky was a little clearer
And the moon shone
It struck her that she hadn’t seen the moon in a long time
She smiled as she finally closed the door behind her

It was a night like no other
Like none she had ever seen before
That serenity and calmness in there
Wasn’t in it before

Mentally written on 2 August, 2014
It really was a night like no other


priya said…
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....i am super speechless babe.. its simply beautiful. and who is this person you are describing.. oh i wish he would strut his way into your life!!!! hwaiting for that.... nice change in your boring life i guess...

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