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Like none ever before

It was a night like no other The soft low howl of the echoing through the streets and roads Yet, it was strong enough to sway her bike That she had to struggle to keep it steady As she tried to ride as fast as safety allowed her to.
There was something different in the air A sense of lonely despair She was sure it didn’t come from within her Just an unsettling quiet On that silent night
It was a night like no other Fallen leaves, things of poetry Swirled on the roads like things of nightmares Small tornadoes, uncharacteristic of that place Slashing into her, as she tried to focus
And then out of the blue Out of the inky blue of the late night It started to rain Heavy droplets, That fell like pin pricks
It was a night like no other People seemed to be in a blind rush The roads seemed emptier Yet, there was enough traffic to keep restrict the pace Within that unspoken serene death race
The wind made sense now She realized, as the rain drops fell stronger She took a shortcut In the hope of getting back faster Gett…