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The first day

This is going to be a gruesome post. Definitely not for the faint hearted, or for those dainty men who like to tip toe around girl problems, and pretend they don't exist ~ or exist in an alternate reality where only women in pain are allowed. This is about my period pain.

Today is my first day. Bam, it started at 5:30.

Actually, for 24 yrs of my existence, rather for the first 11 yrs of my womanly existence, I didn't have period pains at all. I used to be that girl who went "Oh I'm so sorry... it must be terrible right. I don't know how it feels. I don't have any aches and discomforts.... for me it just comes and goes. Once in 45 days that too! Touch wood"
All the touched wood provided luck that lasted only so long, or its probablh just that when  the luck runs out, it runs out. Its also possible that all those other girls with pain cursed me terribly ;)

Or there could be some rational biological explanation to it all. But I'm personally going with …

25 - The Year In Review

So it's done... I turned 26.  I'm done being 25!!!
A small brief look at the year that was :) For starters, I always expected 25 to be a big year – signalling one quarter of existence and all. And it was, in more ways than I imagined it to. So let me go through this in three parts – The Bad, The Awesome and The Lessons Learnt!

The Bad Got rejected. Twice.The job that I loved transitioned to the job that I tolerateNot yet published (Though it will happen soon, or eventually, hopefully)Lost a friendLost a phone – XOLO, worst customer service and after sales service in the history of the universe!My Stevie (laptop) crashed
 The Awesome Stayed in a beautiful country for 2 whole months (South Korea)Saw snow!!! Walked in Snow. Drank hot chocolate I as walked in snow :)Got a tattoo!!!!! (Finally!.... I really did it!)Got back my best friend (After 2.5 yrs)Loved someoneHad a job I loved (Still have the job, just don’t love it ;) )Made global friends (Russian, Korean, Chinese, American)The fi…