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The Broken Arrow

There’s depression lurking in the corner Waiting for me And I brought it on myself Invited it via mail as well I asked for it I dreamt of it But dreams have a way A way of making everything seem….well dreamy Memories too The best are kept The rest, under the carpet swept To be brought up when you least expect it
I’d said good bye I’d found my closure I’d come to terms with it all I did occasionally remember Especially in May June August and December But that was fine with me
And then I could hold it in no longer I thought I was being clever I know now that I should have been stronger
I can’t say another good bye That, both of us will destroy And make me worse than the wicked witch In cold heartlessness ripe and rich I don’t think I could do it again anyway
I got into it wearing rosy red glasses Now that’s broken into almost a million pieces I see it now Clear as melted snow
It’s at the tip of my tongue The one question I want the answer to But the fear of rejection holding it back Fo…