10 day challenge : Day 7

4 turn offs ....

Hmm... picking the top 4

1. Guys who talk like they know everything. Giving advice for everything. It's an instant turn off.
2. Swearing and using "di" ~ keep off dude
3. Distracted people who dont meet my eye, especially during a conversation
4. Men who order for me when I didn't ask them too

Other top contenders for the list were:
1. Bad breath, bad body odour
2. Wearing socks with holes
3. Eating with the mouth open
4. Dirty nails
5. Being late more than twice (and even worse, not apologizing for it)
6. Being totally unplanned and unorganized
7. Not giving reason for responses
8. Being too loud
9. Talking too much
10. Hurting me physically, even slightly, even as a joke



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