10 day challenge : Day 1

Idea borrowed from Gitanjali Naidu, who blogs here : http://gitanjalinaidu.wordpress.com/ ;) Good thing too, as Ive been neglecting my poor blog for a bit and just reappeared a while back. I think this is gonna be fun, feel free to try it too :D

Ten things I want to tell 10 different people right now...Here goes!

1. Aj ~ How are you doing ?

2. Mmy ~ I'm feeling absolutely clueless this year. It feels like there is nothing to looking forward to. Will it get better?

3. Daddy ~ I'm sure I'll figure things out. Though I am at a rebellious phase, don't worry, the dust might settle soon ;) ( soon is a relative term though)

4. "I am sick of making comparison reports! Just use your brain and let me use mine!!!!"

5. Nman "We were such good friends... whatever happened?"

6. Bummer ~ Where in the world are you? I misseth you!

7. Pri ~ Relax babe, life is a crazy mess for all of us. Not just you.

8. Chingette 1 ~ Will you go away and forget all abt me ??? O.o

9. Chingette 2 ~ I miss those long detailed scientific discussions that we had!

10. Harper Collins ~ When exactly are you planning to publish my story ?!?!??!?!

And to Jef, Git, Chu , Mis, Sug , Nik and Nit (and of course nos.: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9)~ I may not say it enough, I might show it even lesser, but  I want you to know that I really really really love you ♥


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