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Getting Inked

"I want to colour my hair red!" & "I want to get a tattoo" were two status messages that I've had on and off on gtalk for a long while now.
To me, they used to depict extreme things I thought I'd never do. Thought I'd never have the courage to do.
The red hair was definitely easier, there was no pain involved. And I know that the hair will eventually grow out. As much as I absolutely love it, I still wonder (3 months into having it) how I brought myself to just do it.
The tattoo... a lot more complex. I've always wanted a tattoo...always thinking I'll never get it, considering how scared I am of needles. Tattoos are supposed to be big decisions. Life decisions. I kinda knew a butterfly would be involved... but nothing more concrete. And I didn't want something as common as a butterfly anyway.
Recently I'd gone on a trip where two of my girlfriends had tattoos. The one who had gotten it more recently said that it hadn't hurt at a…


I've been in this company for just more than a year now. And I'm sick of it.
Originality committed suicide on these grounds. Nobody does anything because they want to..or for we need to. They do it because someone else does it. I could go on...
Last year I cared...I tried to make a difference. I believed I could.
Now I don't. I don't give a damn.
Usually, I would have believed that if it had come to this level, I will walk out. I would never willingly stay at a place where I can't do my best.
Here I not only hate what I have to do, I don't have a choice to leave either. I'm pretty much bonded here for the next 10 months minimum. So now I resign myself to gruelling ten months of staying indifferent because I pretty much sold my soul.
Maybe it will get better. Maybe it might even get worse. But for now I'm stuck here with one foot stuck in this hardened concrete called work place... Crap.