Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 ~ Mixed feelings

That image probably best depicts my year 2013.
I love ice cream... I love writing... it was a fancy ice cream parlour... I was alone...I enjoyed being alone... I was supposed to be there with someone else... I was there for closure.

Mixed feelings
Loaded emotionally... were all under statements of the year!

It was rich.. it was fun
It was thought provoking
It was emotionally exhausting
I earned a lot, saved a lot, but spent a lot more
It was worth every penny
Everything I wanted I got ~ Every wish, dream and whim was granted
To help me figure out what I actually needed
To slowly look for maybe

I made amazing friends
Great memories
Greater experiences
But got to know myself best
I learnt a lot

I loved with a reckless abandon, unlike myself
Pulled back too soon
I laughed and cried passionately
Didn't know I could

I travelled,
I explored
I even wrote

I coloured my hair red!

I did so much...
So many people
Friends, family, mentor, colleagues, strangers and fellow travellers
At the end of it all, 2013 was  a journey where I found myself
Saw what Im capable of
Incapable of
Scared of
Insecure about
Comfortable with
Relate to

Saw myself.
That was the most deepest part of 2013
Like this image... my reaction to myself is a melting pot of mixed feelings

Now its time to look beyond, though
Knowing whats within :)
So knowing what I should expect

2013 was a year when dreams came true
Little bubbles burst... some beautifully, some tragically

2014, I have a feeling, is a year for hopes :)
And thats how new beginnings happen!

Across the silver moon

The new year is here
All my plans are clear
All but the biggest one
From which Ive wanted to run
Now it is time to stop
Take a look at what could show up

Life has been pretty good so far in 2014. Apart from silly mood swings, and decisions I didnt think I had the will power to stick to being made ~ its pretty good!
Stay calm motto helps ;)
Im being a lot more cautious of certain things...
And trying to be laid back about many other... I m really starting to wonder if nagging is in my gene! Hehe. I hope it isnt.

Thats all for now. Just a random update to let you know that all is well in 2014!

More of the realist!