The other side.... that exists

This isn’t about life after death. Or poverty or any such thing.

This is about the other side of people.

Each person we meet inspires us to be a certain kind of person our self. Ergo, we inspire each person to be of a specific type to us.

Yesterday, we were making a list of people we thought were “happy” people to put on the cover of the in house magazine. There was an overall consensus, among the 4 of us involved in the discussion, on 75% of the names. Then it started…we were each suggesting names – where some or all of the others did not agree upon. Reactions ranged from; “Really?! Him ?!?” to “No way!!!” about a girl I thought I knew.

It was interesting how very different people are, even to each other!

Then there are those cases where we know someone under one circumstance, and then the situation changes. So hearing about them even staying the same as how they used to be, or worse seeing them in their former state – whereas, to each other, we’re now defining new interaction rules.

And back to the girl I never knew about…but happen to travel with her, and even joined around the same time that she did…I think in the distant past, I remember her being fun and jovial, when we were spending a bit of time together. And then things changed, and I forgot what was.

But forgetting, apparently does not mean that some things stop existing.


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