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The other side.... that exists

This isn’t about life after death. Or poverty or any such thing.This is about the other side of people.Each person we meet inspires us to be a certain kind of person our self. Ergo, we inspire each person to be of a specific type to us.Yesterday, we were making a list of people we thought were “happy” people to put on the cover of the in house magazine. There was an overall consensus, among the 4 of us involved in the discussion, on 75% of the names. Then it started…we were each suggesting names – where some or all of the others did not agree upon. Reactions ranged from; “Really?! Him ?!?” to “No way!!!” about a girl I thought I knew.It was interesting how very different people are, even to each other!Then there are those cases where we know someone under one circumstance, and then the situation changes. So hearing about them even staying the same as how they used to be, or worse seeing them in their former state – whereas, to each other, we’re now defining new interaction rules.And b…


I took it out
That which had been left in its packaging for so long
I've been wanting to start using it for so long
But I'd put it away ... waiting for a better time
I finally did it today
Took out the bubble wrap
Undid the ribbon
Tore apart the cling film
Excitedly explored it....
It had too long I thought
I wanted to start using it immediately
But there seemed to be no place for it
It didnt feel like it would fit in now
The timing was off yet again
Sadly I repacked it
Left it back where it was
To be taken again someday
And hopefully that time ~
The time and place would be right
And it wouldnt have to be put away
Like now

December Girl

Come December, there is a familiar feeling of celebration.
It has always been, and will always be.
Only now, it’s a bit bitter sweet.It’s been seven years since we’ve had a Christmas with her. Seven years since her last birthday celebrated alive. Seven years since Shopping in December was for both her birthday and His birthday. Seven years since we last celebrated this season, as it is supposed to be celebrated,  with the December girl.
Six years, since December has become something about what could have been and pretending that it is.
Six years since I’ve tried to be that December girl, in her place.
Wanna be December girls …(like another friend of mine who recently wrote a similar post – which inspired this post), are a brave bunch. They have brave exteriors, because that is what they have to be so their dad doesn’t feel unsure. So their family stops looking at them with pity filled eyes. So their friends don’t treat them different. So their mum up there would be proud of them.