Seeing the World on someone else's terms

I'm preparing to leave to Korea
For 2 whole months
In less than 6 days
I should be really really excited right?
This is my dream after all! To live another culture... a culture I'm currently following

I am excited, in bits
Though, not as much as I would have believed to be
I was a lot more excited in the beginning...
Now,there is just one small difference.
The Head quarters is going to be taking care of my stay there, completely, so I do not know anything about my salary abroad. Small detail... and I'm pretty sure that I will be decently well taken care of. Yet, I don't know the details. Also, I'm going without a phone. To (possibly) get a phone there.
The phone I had here is not being returned by the repair people. Worst service ever.
And finally, it's going to be cold there. But that's just a small thing - the only thing I know details of, and canbe prepared for.

So, for something I was hyper excited about, now all I feel is mild worry. All because of 2 uncertainties. Why is my tolerance to uncertainty so low?
Is it normal?
Can I change it?
Will I be this way all my life?

Can I live without finding these answers...and would that be an answer in itself?

Hoping time would tell!

For now, let me up :)


I liked your blog someday's dreamer.
Regarding the small apprehensions about the Korean trip just remember the quote of a wise man and find solace- "I am an old man and I have had many worries.Manyof which never happened"
Wishing you all the best