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Seeing the World on someone else's terms

I'm preparing to leave to Korea
For 2 whole months
In less than 6 days
I should be really really excited right?
This is my dream after all! To live another culture... a culture I'm currently following

I am excited, in bits
Though, not as much as I would have believed to be
I was a lot more excited in the beginning...
Now,there is just one small difference.
The Head quarters is going to be taking care of my stay there, completely, so I do not know anything about my salary abroad. Small detail... and I'm pretty sure that I will be decently well taken care of. Yet, I don't know the details. Also, I'm going without a phone. To (possibly) get a phone there.
The phone I had here is not being returned by the repair people. Worst service ever.
And finally, it's going to be cold there. But that's just a small thing - the only thing I know details of, and canbe prepared for.

So, for something I was hyper excited about, now all I feel is mild worry. All because of 2 u…

Little Dreams

The little boy looked as yet another big box truck pulled up in front of the warehouse. It was the seventh that day.
‘Must be a busy day inside’, he thought wistfully.
The big box truck is what the little boy called the trailers. As the son of a warehouse owner, Advaith had spent almost the entire 10 years of his little life in the same compound as a warehouse. A long time ago, when it had still been empty, he remembered entering it. Two years ago though, he had run across small-needle-car to get his ball back.
His mother had let out a scream, as she dashed for him. The uniformed people had all crowded immediately. He had gotten his ball back by then. His mom hadn’t gotten very hurt, just a little bit of blood. But the fuss they made! A tall uniformed big man had made the most noise, yelling at his father. He’s been quite scared… but that wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it, which has left him almost devastated, was that he was no longer allowed to go near the warehouse. He wasn’…

What's on your mind?

What's on my mind? 

What's in my heart?

What's on my face?

Questions, to answers I may never find

About life, that's like a piece of modern art

Hiding desperate attempts to find solace