Sometimes, we don't get second chances when it matters the most
Sometimes, you don't know if letting go is the best thing to do, even if that's the only option available to you
Sometimes, when you think you have finally gotten used to something, something small happens, and you realize you are exactly where you were not supposed to be anymore
Sometimes, small things like a car leaving the campus can be an important moment in someone's life
Sometimes, you want something to happen- as much as you dread it
Sometimes, I wish life were simpler, emotions less complicated to deal with and people a constant
Sometimes, the regrets come too late. Because realizations have a knack of sneaking up on you when you least expect it
Sometimes, trying to be over prepared makes you a nervous wreck
Sometimes, you contribute to a lot of happiness in someone else's day - even when yours in crappy- but that makes your day a bit brighter.
Sometimes, I wish I could curl up and wake up when the world makes it's mind up
Sometimes, I wonder how on earth I ever ever thought growing up would be an easy and fun thing to do - and even wanted it for myself
Sometimes, silence speaks more than words can ever do. But the welling tears spoil those moments
Sometimes, when everything sounds too perfect - it's probably about to go horribly wrong
Sometimes, just after the light goes off, the world feels darker than it really is.
And sometimes, adjusting to the darkness, while waiting for the light to come back on can take longer than you think it would.


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