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Facts in fiction :)

A little about me Read if you're bored or curious! Or just paste the questions in your blogger, and start answering for yourself :)
1. Most comforting place, smell, sound and memory? Place.... by the beach, the sunrise... or by a river...I guess in not so crowded places near large water bodies Smell... milk and mum Sound...rain Memory....Hot chocolate, or was it cold? Heavy rain, sitting in 2 arm chairs in the verandah, having a long talk with mum about God knows what. 
2. Your ambitions as a child and your ambitions now As a child: to become a truck driver Now: To become a famous author, singer, poet, lyricist, travel blogger...photographer
3. Biggest fear Dogs.
4. Qualities you would like in a partner (if you would like one) Trustworthy, patient and a really good sense of humour
5. Traits you couldn’t put up with in a partner (if you would like one) Lying and not giving importance to the relationship

6. What is the worst thing you have done to another person? (Let them down, li…

I could hear your heartbeat

Before... when I heard the word heartbeat, I imagined something like this:

DUK dukk DUK dukk DUK dukk DUK dukk DUK dukk DUK dukk
Along with this auditory imagination, that glowy like that jumped up, then fell a little below the median then continued on the flat for a while before jumping again, also accompanied- almost always.

We've all heard the heartbeat thousands of times. When hugging someone close, or at least versions of it - in songs, in medical dramas, in thrillers, in cop dramas... various sources. And as someone who watches plenty of most of the above, I assumed that I knew the beating heart very well.
I was a student of biology after all; we were taught the process of the heart beat in detail!

None of this years of assumed awareness, nothing prepared me for how I'd feel when I actually heard a real heartbeat.

Not long ago, a cousin of mine, who so happens to be a student of medicine, happened to have his stethoscope in his back. Looking at my excited face, he urged…


Shoe rack ( With a capacity of at least 100 pairs)Red shoesA home I can furnish with Wooden Furniture (New brand obsession: Urban Furniture)A certain scar to disappear from my faceLess clutter (I'm going to leave that open ended ;) )More time for myself each dayMore mind spaceA vacation to some place gorgeousMy car.... and to be able to drive it ;PHappiness for everyone :)

It was once mine too

Somebody gifted something to me
Someone then took it away
I shrugged and thought; what the hell
No big deal
I would probably never be able to use it again anyway
Yet now, occasionally
As I see it lying around
I remember the times it when it was once mine
And ... am glad that there are just a few small regrets
With no pain


Sometimes, we don't get second chances when it matters the most
Sometimes, you don't know if letting go is the best thing to do, even if that's the only option available to you
Sometimes, when you think you have finally gotten used to something, something small happens, and you realize you are exactly where you were not supposed to be anymore
Sometimes, small things like a car leaving the campus can be an important moment in someone's life
Sometimes, you want something to happen- as much as you dread it
Sometimes, I wish life were simpler, emotions less complicated to deal with and people a constant
Sometimes, the regrets come too late. Because realizations have a knack of sneaking up on you when you least expect it
Sometimes, trying to be over prepared makes you a nervous wreck
Sometimes, you contribute to a lot of happiness in someone else's day - even when yours in crappy- but that makes your day a bit brighter.
Sometimes, I wish I could curl up and wake up when…