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My mid year review
It's almost the end of July, and I'm about to post my mid year review that is technically a month late. As resolutions, I had three things which I strongly and quite vehemently wished for in the beginning of this year.
Maybe it was the fact that I treated them as wished, rather than resolutions or goals that I should work towards, that brought me to where I am now.

As a quick recap, the three things I wanted were ;
Get a job
Get a boy friend and
Get published

I now think I should have been a bit more specific. I got a job. It all but fell onto my lap. It was luck, all that I wanted with elements of a lot of things I hate - like long travel time, and not much freedom in the job. But it's a profile I love, and a culture I'm interested in, so working quite well. My job, me and our love hate relationship are chugging along for the moment.

Get published.... I'm going to be. A short story of mine, not my novel yet. I won a competition, hence I get to be published. This also pretty much just happened to me rather than me working on making it happen.
I am aware that I will have to work on my book, if I ever want to make that happen. But, the resolution thing kinda worked out, so.

Get a boy friend.... Well that came and went. I guess I should have mentioned that I wanted a boyfriend I could keep. The one I got, I lost.
Yet, not too many regrets. A friend of mine was saying that I almost didn't have to lift a finger in finding him. It worked the same way with the losing him as well though. Still, the fact remains that it was one more thing crossed off my list.

It's strange right?
Everything had happened, but so very very different from what I had planned. Next time I plan, I'm gonna make sure that the whole plan will be layer out for the universe to know.
Obviously, either God or the universe want me to have whatever I want. If they're just giving me what I want, to make me realize that it's not what I needed, then I'm actually fine with it. At least they believe that I have it in me to go through the situations before figuring out whether I needed it or not.
Or, if they decided to be that awesome (or in some cases, plain scary) and give me all that I want, being specific is going to be a bigger deciding aspect of my judgemental capabilities.

In case you're wondering if I'm actually complaining that I got everything that I have wanted (at least a warped version of it) ; I'm not.
I'm happy it happened.
I'm seriously feeling pretty damn spectacular about it. Keep em coming I say!
As for me, and I think I'm going to consider working for what I want for a while. Or, I might just forget how that feels like :-P

5 months to go..... So much more to undo and redo! ;)

Cheers *.*


Elizabeth said…
On your 3 wishes:

1. Get a job...After 7 years in software industry, my 'Get a new job' has too many conditions attached with it...But the main priority is to get a job where travel is less and where being a mother does not become a big pain in your overall growth...
2. As far as relationships are concerned - Always believe that things mostly happen for good...If he is not good enough, you should be happy that he is no longer there...
3. I am confident to be a good I am currently not thinking of getting published..if someone visits my blog, I am more than happy

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