Smile in the rain

She woke up bright and early. It hadn't even dawned yet. Her alarm hadn't rung either. She just woke up because she was well rested. That was definitely .... Not something that had happened in quite a while.
She smiled contentedly.
Walking out to the veranda, she realized it had rained through the night and the rain cloud's were still at it. Softly.
There was a gentle drizzle, that combined with a soft cool breeze that brought to her the glorious whiff of the smell of rain soaked soil. Combined with the amazing colours of the slow brightening of the morning sky, it felt perfect.
Almost perfect.

This was the perfect time to get hugged. The thought almost popped into her head involuntarily. A rueful smile played along her lips. A quick memory of a certain walk on a rainy dusk flashed by, back when she had gotten a tight hug when she wanted it.

She hugged herself close and tight. The memory was tucked away before it can uld bring with it any pain. That would spoil this perfect morning. She smiled.... At herself, and the smile grew bigger as she let herself remember one last time.

Regrets? She asked herself.
Maybe a little bit, but not enough to be worried about.

The rain was after all a symbol of new beginnings.

The smile didn't fade away as she went on to get ready for the day.

Sometimes, the sky tells us that all will be alright again. Sometimes, all it has to do is rain, to make a girl smile.


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