A Smile in the corner of her lips


been a while

I'm all happy happy now... I don't know why.
You know that feeling? When you are are amused with random things, little flutters, smiles playing around with no strong reasons?
Not like the blown out happiness of being in love, but of the little excitement of almost being in love.

It's a beautifully sweet feeling.

Before you make assumptions, I do not have anyone I am falling in love with. Not even a strong crush at the moment. I am just loving where I am in life.
Making little discoveries, being interestingly surprised, learning more about myself by the theory of relativity. Has the last thing ever happened to you? Have you ever found out something about someone and gone : "Hey, she's all that, despite that, so I might be/ could be/ am all that too! Probably?:"

Someone recently told me that I am more of an American than an Indian. She was an American herself. And I told her, that I prefer to not be tagged with any particular nationality. I'd rather just be like culturally lost child, who by not belonging anywhere specific can belong everywhere. How awesome would that be? I already know at least one person like that. She's one of the most un-belonging person I know. And having the most fun.
How many of you read the last bit and went "Hey, me too!"
Becoming a global individual is becoming more and more common these days isn't it! :)
Good for us.

I still have an old button phone though :P

That little happy feeling

I have a target ... June July... before that though, I need to ask my cousin something. If I can reach her soon enough.

Leaving you with no answers,

As always,

Someday's dreamer


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