It's been a while hasn't it?
I've been meaning to write ...

Lots of things have happened since I last wrote

I got a job. A pretty decent one. One I got all on my own.
And it's involves interacting with a culture I've become very interested in recently, so I'm liking it there. More pros than cons definitely.

I stopped writing in my diary, which I so faithfully kept during the first month of this year.
At work, I write up a daily job report, maybe that affected keeping a diary. Not sure.

I have a new pen pal. He's a distant cousin actually, one I've met a long time ago, so don't quite remember, and didn't quite know. So it's fun. Unlike blogging, writing to a specific person is more structured and unstructured. And he's family, so I don't have to worry about anything. A dying form of communication isn't it, having a pen pal. I still hope, sometime in the future, I have a pen pal I can write to. Actual physical letters... to someone I have no idea about.

I have a new passport... and I might be going to Italy or the U.S.A. soon. for a conference. Lets see how the visa thing works out :)

Last week, I cut up ALL my old debit cards. Threw them all away. Applied for a new one for my permanent bank account, and I've already empty the others. It so happened that it was on the same day I had my passport interview.
So for that one day, I had no passport and no cards. Though it didn't and wouldn't have really affected me, I felt weirdly insecure till I got that text saying that my new card was activated again. Funny right?

I'm learning a lot about Korea. Need to learn the language itself better if possible.
I'm working for Hyundai Glovis now ... so the i10 is not something I consider a taboo anymore. Who knows, I might even get one!

It rained the past 2 days. After a long long while. My new work place is huuuugggeee, and far away from the city. So the rain looks really gorgeous out there.

In a weird cold situation with a certain friend of mine. Because she didn't trust my intentions.

The empty feeling just before is becoming regular. Even though I understand that it will be there, it doesn't reduce how really depressing it can get. Weird. Are we just a bunch of chemicals put together after all?

Money...I think I was happier without it.

And it felt like I had more to tell the world when I wasn't working. It feels like the world shrinks every time I start working. Not in a good way. I do not like corporate lives. I don't want to be stuck here in the long run!

My  M.Sc might almost be over soon... :)

Adios for now. Ta!


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