Super Woman!

"Ugh.I had that nightmare again last night" Hema told her best friend Tanya, as they walked to class that day.
"The one where you're super woman, with a sexy short sleeved outfit, and you suddenly realize you feel the wind flowing through your arm hair?" Tanya asked as she laughed
"Yes! I only wish I had done my hair removal at least in the dream!" Hema exclaimed, "I was superwoman after all. Superwoman is pain resistant right?" she asked doubtfully.
"I'm sure she is. But seriously, for how long are you going to keep wearing full sleeves just to cover up your hairy arms?"
"But waxing hurts! So bad... that one time..." she shuddered as though it had happened seconds before, rather than years ago.
"You can't avoid it forever!"
"I want to! Is there no other easy way? Like a pill maybe?"
"Actually...there is!" Tanya said, suddenly stopping in her tracks. "I can't believe I didn't think of it before!"
"What what what what?" Hema asked excitedly
"Use a razor!"
"But those are for men!"
"Not any more, there are specially designed razors for women now. Your skin will be smooth as skin, just like it's waxed. And the best part: You can do it at home, with absolutely no pain!"
"Whoa! Seriously?! Awesome"

3 months later, at a Halloween party.

"A super woman costume? C'mon!" Tanya teased, refering to Hema's custom made Super Woman costume with cap sleeves.
"What better way to celebrate! Now that I really feel empowered" Hema grinned, showing off her utterly hairless smooth arms.

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