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Random Confession 1

A smile, a dimple
And an eye crinkle
are all it takes to sway a girl's heart


Behind you

If you leave me now I'll lose my way If you disappear I won't know why I'm here So just stay On this path you lay I'll trail behind Till another road I find

Can you...

Miss someone you've never met?
Feel like you know a person you've never once spoken to?

Just Asking...

One Little Finger

This post is not about my little finger.
It is about my pointy finger.
(It is still little, when compared to me on the whole, so you see...)
Yesterday, I was doing something silly, and hurt my pointy finger. The one on my right hand. And right at the second joint, so I can't even bend it. It's pretty much a useless thing at the moment.

What I realized over the past day with my hurt pointy finger is ... are 3 different things.
1. How much I miss it
2. How easily it is replaceable
3. When it is not being useful, it is just getting in the way, hurting and making things uncomfortable.

I wanted to keep this only my little pointy finger ... but I have to pull out the metaphor.
A friend of mine recently had to stop being friends with another good friend of hers. Though she has unfortunately been unable to cover point 2, it's still the same feeling.
When something important to us, goes to a point where we can no longer treat it the same way, everything changes. It is difficult to …

A Heartbeat

If you'd look back I'd be yours in a heartbeat You're not stopping To come get me Or to Set me free Its broken The pieces near my feet They're now in the trash can I picked them One by broken bleeding one A heartbeat They were broken  Within a heart beat We once sat Together on a love seat I now stand Alone  Under the rain clouds What hurts me Is that I let you go I sent you far I tore us apart Yet Here I stand In the dark night Without a heartbeat That heartbeat

Super Woman!

"Ugh.I had that nightmare again last night" Hema told her best friend Tanya, as they walked to class that day.
"The one where you're super woman, with a sexy short sleeved outfit, and you suddenly realize you feel the wind flowing through your arm hair?" Tanya asked as she laughed
"Yes! I only wish I had done my hair removal at least in the dream!" Hema exclaimed, "I was superwoman after all. Superwoman is pain resistant right?" she asked doubtfully.
"I'm sure she is. But seriously, for how long are you going to keep wearing full sleeves just to cover up your hairy arms?"
"But waxing hurts! So bad... that one time..." she shuddered as though it had happened seconds before, rather than years ago.
"You can't avoid it forever!"
"I want to! Is there no other easy way? Like a pill maybe?"
"Actually...there is!" Tanya said, suddenly stopping in her tracks. "I can't believe I didn&#…