Tis the season to be Fluey...Tralalallalala laa laa laa !

Yush, I have the flu and from me, so does my sister.
The first day, I spent miserable and silent. Breathing was restricted, and I hardly slept that night. I thought up of possible clever things people could invent to help poor souls in such state. Taking a quick minute to describe that. (Please feel free to invent it, I shall ask for no royalty or copy right, I promise!)

1.5 inch long flexible tube with a slight funnel at one end so it fits smugly along the throat. Made of minty soothing digestible material that get ingested over a period of 6 to 8 hours.

Purpose: Completely stops throat itching and nasal blockage
Aim:     Uninterrupted sleep for more than 3 minutes.

The second day, the cold had gotten much worse and I spent most of it trying to soothe my chest - or googling ways to get the rib cage away from the lungs.
And today, the third day, it still feels the same, but I've gotten used to it. Restricted verbal communication, hot spicy liquids, and a morbid sense of humour have helped me get through today. And here I am, sharing :)

Having the flu has made me notice a few things, I normally wouldn't.

I was watching a drama in which the lead sells cake out in the freezing cold to make money for a present. He ends up catching a cold [so the heroine can feel undue amount of pity for him of course! No one in my family really seem to be worried that I caught a cold...humph. Getting back on track...] The hero gets done with the part time job in the fag end of Christmas eve, rushes to the store, buys the said present, then goes back home exhausted. He drops the bag on the floor, coughs wheezes a couple of times and flops on his bed. His head does not reach a pillow, he's just curved up with his head tilted downward.
Normally, when I see something like this I would be pondering over aspects such as 'When he tried so hard to get it before midnight Christmas eve, why isn't he giving it to her before flopping over?', or 'why couldn't he just call her' or something like that. Today, all I could think of was: With the head in that angle, his nose is bound to get blocked in less than 30 seconds, how come he's not coughing his head away even after being motionless in that position for almost 2 whole minutes! See what I mean? Directorial flaw.

This got me thinking back to another cute kissing scene in a different drama.
The heroine and hero have been playing hide and seek with each other, and since they're really good at it, they last about six years before finally bumping into each other again. So chemistry builds, and when its finally about to hit crescendo she already has a cold. (Not just a sneeze here or there, but a running nose for which she carries medicines).
So, they're sitting in the stairway of the hospital and they're finally confronting the elephant in the...stairway. It was probably a tight squeeze, but lets just work around that. She gives him the final ultimatum, "Tell me if you love me, or I'm going to sprinkle kisses all over your face" (If all ultimatums worked that way, right?) The guy who has finally had enough of running away (Alleluia!) goes in for the grand gesture and plants a big one on her.
When I saw this, I found it adorable. The direction was brilliant, the camera, background score...even the script! Wherein, once he's done, she has this smug smile on her face as she hands over her meds to him and tells him to take it thirty minutes after meals.
Sweet right?
If she really had a cold - and it was her second or third day as per the drama, then that kiss would have totally suffocated her. It would have been a murder attempt! All of us know that our mouth does most of the breathing when we're stuck with a runny nose! And he shuts that! Sigh... how reckless of him right? I shudder to imagine it.

I wrapping up now with a small request to all the film makers out there:
Please take the cold seriously!!!!

P.S: It's ADVENT!!!!
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season y'all!


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