There's no greater love...

...Than the love of food!

It has been more than 2 weeks! (Almost 3!!!) since a chicken has died for me in this world.
How?! Why?! Waaaaaaaaa
Girl need her chicken!
Fish don't count, no matter how much better they are for the body. I don't even like seafood too much! Waaaaaaa. I won't be getting meat tomorrow also :(

[BTW - if you're expecting me to stop whining, it'll be faster if you stop reading :/]

Back when I was at college, I hated the meat at the mess. It was always undercooked or over cooked. So when I first went there, I almost went three whole months without meat. As a vegetarian!!! Can you believe it? Me! By then, I found friends and places to hang out at so it was better after that.
But back then... I was young, and had more patience. Now... I need meat.
Chicken lollipop.... pepper lamb...mutton biriyani....
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!
I had home made chicken soup yesterday... without chicken :(
How horrible right?

Last week, I looked forward to sunday all week, knowing that there would be some dead animal cooked and waiting for my consumption...but no. Well yes... A fish or two...but they don't count!!! I want chicken :( Even KFC will do :( Even nuggets would do....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
I want to eat steak.... or chicken pizza....


[I did not pasting a picture of a real cooked chicken out of consideration for similar minded people who might have started craving chicken after reading this post!]


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