The Happier Soul

I can normally hold a straight face. Even when someone in the restaurant topples soup all over themselves, I can keep a straight face and politely look away. Not any more apparently! Maybe it's the Christmas season, and I have been shamelessly embarrassing people, strangers no less!

To spread the joy, I going to tell you about a couple of incidents :P (You may choose to treat this as a warning, so as to not provoke me this December, keke ^.^)

The other day I called dominoes to order Pizza. (This was when in started) I had given the guy on the line my address and given directions as well.
The guy on the line was probably a student who was practising his accent or something.
"Having it here, or take away ma'am?" He asked smoothly
For one moment, the answer was both obvious and confusing to me
"Having it here.. at home" I replied, blinking through the phone. His blunder struck me, but I tried to be polite to him. (Like I said, this is when the funny bone started itching this season.)
I was half way through placing my order when I couldn't hold it any more. I burst out laughing, and my apologies come through in between the chuckles. The poor guy obviously knew why I was laughing, and tried to cover it up by adopting a stronger American accent. This just made is so much worse, and did not help his cause one bit!
I did eventually tame my laughter, and requested my usual extra seasoning along with the order. The extent of his embarrassment was evident when I received enough seasoning sachets to fill a pizza box by itself. ;)

Recently, a new bank has opened up in my locality. One of the employees who was sent along to canvas for the bank came-a-knocking on our door today. He had a whole bunch of pamphlets stashed away in a diary. After handing over one pamphlet, he opened the diary to take down the our name and contact number.
There was a big "i" symbol water marked in the middle of each page in the diary.
Even though the back he was representing starts with the letter "i", I knew right away that the diary he was holding was one from a competitor's bank. Probably his previous employer.
I know this because I once worked with that other bank as well!
As soon as I noticed it, "Isn't that from ___bank?" I asked. The words spilt by themselves! Really!
Normal bank canvassing lasts for at least five minutes. They explain the perks of banking with them, give us their contact details and generally try to close the sales right there at the door step. Today though, my sudden question and the laughter that followed saved me five whole minutes. Time I'm using here instead!

Merry Christmas Season  .*.


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