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On a cusp

It's almost the midnight of 20th December 2012. We're two minutes away from 21.12.12, the day the world was prophesied to end.
I know it's not going to, my brain knows that it is a ridiculous idea. But my heart? It believes. Rather, it wants to believe. There is something so poetic about things like the world coming to an end, that makes me wonder what if. Will I regret anything? I'll regret regretting, so I shan't. It's funny...I'm typing super fast, so that I can hit on the 'Publish' button, just in case something starts to happen. Hehe. Its strangely a fun feeling.
Of course I'd rather it happen after 8 hours. Considering that the 2 people I care for most in this world aren't home right now, and are expected back only in the morning!
I've already packed for my trip tomorrow, but I haven't started studying for my exam a week from now. *Keke*
I guess tomorrow same time, when news reports of nothing majorly catastrophic turns up, and…

The Happier Soul

I can normally hold a straight face. Even when someone in the restaurant topples soup all over themselves, I can keep a straight face and politely look away. Not any more apparently! Maybe it's the Christmas season, and I have been shamelessly embarrassing people, strangers no less!

To spread the joy, I going to tell you about a couple of incidents :P (You may choose to treat this as a warning, so as to not provoke me this December, keke ^.^)

The other day I called dominoes to order Pizza. (This was when in started) I had given the guy on the line my address and given directions as well.
The guy on the line was probably a student who was practising his accent or something.
"Having it here, or take away ma'am?" He asked smoothly
For one moment, the answer was both obvious and confusing to me
"Having it here.. at home" I replied, blinking through the phone. His blunder struck me, but I tried to be polite to him. (Like I said, this is when the funny bone start…

Awesome Blogger & Liebster Blog Award – I’m tagged

I didn't know such fun things existed, but here we are! All thanks to my Rhapsodic friend who tagged me :)
So this is officially my first blogger award (as well) Yaayy! Thankoo Xana!

So here are the rules:

1.If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself. 2.Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag. 3. Tag 11 more Bloggers. 4. No tagging back. 5. Person you tag must have < 200 followers
The above bit is copy pasted from my friend's blog. Before we get to the more difficult task of finding 11 more fellow scape bloggers, lets get writing!
11 facts about myself. I'm sure this must be easy. But considering this is an anonymous blog (about me), this might be an interesting one.
I'm a girl in her early twentiesThe first time you talk to me, I might come across as a very put together, mature person / or someone who looked totally like an outsider who makes no effor to fit in.I'm…


Its that time of the year again, when I'm forced to look back. On the year, on my life so far. My dad said make awesome memories for Christmas this year; this might be the last Christmas you spend as a single girl in this family. He said that last year, and I think he'll say it again next year :)

Two things bothering me, interestingly, both have korean effect on them. One is to do with age. Every January first, Koreans declare the age they will be that year as their age. So in 16 days, I would be considered as a 25 year old, if I were a Korean. Even otherwise, I have about 5.5 months left to get there. Have you seen the movie 'Never been kissed'? She was 25.
I've never been kissed. One guy gave me a peck on my head, and I punched him. That was four years ago. I don't regret not having been involved with anyone this year. That was a conscious choice. Nevertheless, I do regret not having been in more concrete relationships. I think I not only missed out on an ess…

There's no greater love...

...Than the love of food!

It has been more than 2 weeks! (Almost 3!!!) since a chicken has died for me in this world. How?! Why?! Waaaaaaaaa Girl need her chicken! Fish don't count, no matter how much better they are for the body. I don't even like seafood too much! Waaaaaaa. I won't be getting meat tomorrow also :(
[BTW - if you're expecting me to stop whining, it'll be faster if you stop reading :/]
Back when I was at college, I hated the meat at the mess. It was always undercooked or over cooked. So when I first went there, I almost went three whole months without meat. As a vegetarian!!! Can you believe it? Me! By then, I found friends and places to hang out at so it was better after that. But back then... I was young, and had more patience. Now... I need meat. Chicken lollipop.... pepper lamb...mutton biriyani.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! I had home made chicken soup yesterday... without chicken :( How horrible right?
Last week, I looked forward to s…

That Nice Feeling :)

Have you heard the song 'Colour Blind'?

A surprisingly sweet couple goofing off near a river
Simple uncomplicated reassurances
My book shaping up nicely
Hot soup
Cold Soda
An old celebrity crush remembered
A good blog post (!)
An upcoming vacation
One more closure silently achieved
Small realizations
Pink bells
Day dreams

All of these...
Some of these?
Or maybe none of these
Have left me feeling good right now
Quiet contentment
Just the way I like it :)

Tis the season to be Fluey...Tralalallalala laa laa laa !

Yush, I have the flu and from me, so does my sister.
The first day, I spent miserable and silent. Breathing was restricted, and I hardly slept that night. I thought up of possible clever things people could invent to help poor souls in such state. Taking a quick minute to describe that. (Please feel free to invent it, I shall ask for no royalty or copy right, I promise!)

1.5 inch long flexible tube with a slight funnel at one end so it fits smugly along the throat. Made of minty soothing digestible material that get ingested over a period of 6 to 8 hours.

Purpose: Completely stops throat itching and nasal blockage
Aim:     Uninterrupted sleep for more than 3 minutes.

The second day, the cold had gotten much worse and I spent most of it trying to soothe my chest - or googling ways to get the rib cage away from the lungs.
And today, the third day, it still feels the same, but I've gotten used to it. Restricted verbal communication, hot spicy liquids, and a morbid sense of humour have h…