There's a song... no story that's inside my head

I know I keep saying that I ride every emotion I have
Right now though, I don't know how I feel
Probably the result of a day that started with the sunrise at the shell filled shore line, and went on to meet twilight with a sub, a friend and some Italian fresco ... and has been on one gentle emotional melancholy since then. Three hours since then.
I haven't finished the book. I thought I had, but I've finished only one angle,forgot two others in the happiness of finishing one angle. No worries though. As I rode to the the beach (pillion) this morning, in the crisp dawn air, it all started falling into place again. So there is the story inside of my head.
One silly little boy helped with another story as well.
When there are no strong emotions riding you, the night is a beautiful place to be.
I think the night is like the sea. When it is calm, it's the best. But when it gets rough, run for your life.
Recent events had me avoiding the night for a while. I've been sleeping early, and studiously avoiding any encounter with after-11s like a girl avoiding her crush in the hallway. I met the night with all the fury unleashed, and boy was she scary.
I've ventured back here though... unable to stay away I guess.
Am I scared? Not right now.
Am I cautious? Completely. Not yet ready for human contact post 11.

It's nice though, the peace. The story in my head, people walking around deciding what they would do, in that little world I created.

I'm slightly hungry too. And I smell pudding in the air... I wonder if they had just that for dinner, when I was away enjoying mine. Anyway, after all my crazy mood swings, I think I'm finally back to almost stable again.

Resolutions? Working on them.

Hope your life is happy and peaceful.

Loads of love,
Night owl once again,
Yours always,
Someday's Dreamer.


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