The Last Lap

That's the last dialogue I've written. It marks the end of the chase.It's the climax... it's when a door is finally open.
Through my window, there's the best smell in the world seeping through, teasing me. Thunder and lightning had started about an hour ago, a drizzle had danced ten minutes ago, and now it's pouring.
Just like the chase is the most romantic part of a romance, and the last lap, the last stretch when the ribbon is in sight is the best part of any race. Sometimes even better than dashing through it I think, especially if the race is against yourself.
It'll be done tomorrow. They'll find their way tomorrow. They won't need me anymore. Bittersweet? Totally. Regrets? None whatsoever.
Did the book serve the purpose it was supposed to serve? I think it did... or at least gave the solution, if not implement it. That's pretty good work for a few people who were born out of the imagination.
I loved it in the beginning, when it was just an idea baby in my head, and I love it now that it's grown into something marvellous. I don't know if anyone will like it... but I will love it the second it is completed. Because when it is, it will probably be the first thing that I complete in my adult life. Over - Dramatic? Well, the mood is perfect for it. I'm so glad its raining now :)
I'm so glad I started what I did. I hope it ends well!

Wish me luck :)


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