Of filled cups and empty ones

I wrote all day today. Not my usual 2000ish words, but a solid 8000 at least, plus putting together a whole load of bits I'd written earlier. If I have to describe my day in three words, it was intense, exhilarating and exhausting.
Till now, I was watching them and writing about them. Today, I was living it, in them.
My eyes hurt, my head is marginally throbbing, but I can't even make myself sleep. My brain still feels like it's living in their world, so I've come here, to write more, and to get out of that world.
Everything feels a bit stronger at the moment.
I was just listening to a song - "It's all coming back to me now". A song originally by Celine Dion, but I was listening to the glee version.
I consider Celine Dion as the godess of voices. I have long stopped questioning how a mere mortal human can have such a range in her voice, and deliver emotions with just a word. I love her and her voice, and just adopt awe when I listen to her.
So when I heard this girl from glee, deliver the song with almost the same power as the godess herself, I was in awe again.
A cyclone hit us yesterday, it was beautiful. The day was complete perfection. I don't think I've enjoyed a rainy day as much as I did yesterday in a long time now, and oh the wind! Even a ship was washed ashore - how brilliantly story book-y is that?! :)
Just a bunch of random stuff ...
It was halloween yesterday, nice day that.
Sweet November now.
It's my grand pa's birthday tomorrow, and my dad wants me to finish the book tomorrow.
Will be able to? I just might!
Wish me luck :)


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