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Love...From what I've seen and understand

When we're 16 to 19
Falling in love is like a reckless dive. We give it our all - heart and soul.
Though it is a time when we're learning to define ourselves away from our parents, Love at that time is more of a support system than a defining factor. It's our first step beyond the boundary.
At that age, it's beautiful, it's completely for the present, and almost like there ain't no grey.
The heart is given a free reign.

When we're young adults - 19 to 30
A time of life when almost everything is about the future. Love is too.
We evaluate people based on how well they will be a match for us, and how good a company they would be in the future. We don't want to give it our all, but most of us wouldn't have perfected restraint in a relationship. Because of that, it is passionate.
It is a war between the mind and the heart.
For some, the mind rules. For some, the heart rules. A rare precious few find the perfect balance. The rest just waddle in the pool b…


I want a surprise gift!
That's all I really want.
It doesn't matter if it a funny looking pencil or the most gorgeous shoes ever. I don't mind!
I want a gift :(
It's been so long since I got one :(

Author's Note: This is not a joke!

Of Jealousies and Irritations

So this post is a rant fest. Of two things, one much more that the other.

First one: (Which is the jealousy bit)

My friend has gone to South Korea! And he has already seen an idol band there!
Okay, you know I'm into kdramas, and most of my current celebrity crushes are from there right? So someone I know actually getting to go to that place I've come to know so much about made me real jealous.
Not to the super jealous level though, because all said, I am really really really chommal chommal happy for him. He has earned it, and completely deserves it. The sweet heart even had to go through a major stress jam session till the day of his departure because of his visa. Also, I wouldn't want to go to Korea, or any of those countries famous for their fashion until I have like a humongous bank balance with which I can splurge.

Now that I admitted my little jealousy, moving on!

Second one: (Obviously the irritation one :P )

This is the big one. I have been trying, and failing mise…

There's a song... no story that's inside my head

I know I keep saying that I ride every emotion I have
Right now though, I don't know how I feel
Probably the result of a day that started with the sunrise at the shell filled shore line, and went on to meet twilight with a sub, a friend and some Italian fresco ... and has been on one gentle emotional melancholy since then. Three hours since then.
I haven't finished the book. I thought I had, but I've finished only one angle,forgot two others in the happiness of finishing one angle. No worries though. As I rode to the the beach (pillion) this morning, in the crisp dawn air, it all started falling into place again. So there is the story inside of my head.
One silly little boy helped with another story as well.
When there are no strong emotions riding you, the night is a beautiful place to be.
I think the night is like the sea. When it is calm, it's the best. But when it gets rough, run for your life.
Recent events had me avoiding the night for a while. I've b…

The A-social Me

I can't reach my cousin, her fb profile is deactivated
And I didn't even know
It was her birthday
Till twenty minutes ago

For noticing too late,
Am I a bad person?
Or just an asocial one?

It suddenly struck me today that my sister has a gorgeous smile
She has a chem exam tomorrow,
So with the naughty I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-going-to-do-tomorrow look
On her face, I saw it prettily all day grow

For noticing too late,
Am I a bad person?
Or just an asocial one?

Something had been troubling my friend Again I didn't know To her a ear, I didn't lend I repent some more
I'm missing out on tiny little things in life Things I should be keeping up with But for that, I don't seem to strive
For noticing too late,
Am I a bad person?
Or just an asocial one?

The Last Lap

That's the last dialogue I've written. It marks the end of the chase.It's the climax... it's when a door is finally open.
Through my window, there's the best smell in the world seeping through, teasing me. Thunder and lightning had started about an hour ago, a drizzle had danced ten minutes ago, and now it's pouring.
Just like the chase is the most romantic part of a romance, and the last lap, the last stretch when the ribbon is in sight is the best part of any race. Sometimes even better than dashing through it I think, especially if the race is against yourself.
It'll be done tomorrow. They'll find their way tomorrow. They won't need me anymore. Bittersweet? Totally. Regrets? None whatsoever.
Did the book serve the purpose it was supposed to serve? I think it did... or at least gave the solution, if not implement it. That's pretty good work for a few people who were born out of the imagination.
I loved it in the beginning, wh…

Of filled cups and empty ones

I wrote all day today. Not my usual 2000ish words, but a solid 8000 at least, plus putting together a whole load of bits I'd written earlier. If I have to describe my day in three words, it was intense, exhilarating and exhausting.
Till now, I was watching them and writing about them. Today, I was living it, in them.
My eyes hurt, my head is marginally throbbing, but I can't even make myself sleep. My brain still feels like it's living in their world, so I've come here, to write more, and to get out of that world.
Everything feels a bit stronger at the moment.
I was just listening to a song - "It's all coming back to me now". A song originally by Celine Dion, but I was listening to the glee version.
I consider Celine Dion as the godess of voices. I have long stopped questioning how a mere mortal human can have such a range in her voice, and deliver emotions with just a word. I love her and her voice, and just adopt awe when I listen to her.
So when I hear…