The Reason

Sometimes, the most important things can come to you in the most unexpected manner. I've been looking for a purpose to live for quite a while now. It felt like there was no point to it. To anything.
Today, in flash of a look passed between a guy who was holding on to a very very thin ray of hope, and the girl who believed he could win the race, I found what I was looking for. The answer I was desperately searching for.

It is the reason we live. And not exist.

Purpose is a big word - and I don't thing all of us were meant to/ lucky enough to find it that easily. I still don't know if there is a purpose to our living; one that we can/ are supposed to know when we're still living. Unlike characters in a play, we don't know where we're headed, so we don't know if our character has a role to play in the main plot, or the twist in the plot, or just a supporting role. At least I don't for sure.
Maybe the purpose is for retrospect.

The reason on the other hand lies in the more tangible things in front of us. We all have reasons for living - breathing, moving reasons who love us. There are also other reasons for living/ Doing well/ doing something -

A dream to achieve - we have a million of those from when we're born, and a few of those definitely outshine the others.

Someone's belief in us - Might not be as blatant as seen in the movies, your family or friend might not come running to you screaming "We believe in you", or say "I live to make your dream come true!" But they are silently cheering us on, like we do for them.

The gift of potential
or maybe just the need of the hour.

I found a reason to live, many actually, out of which at least 4 are very important :)

I know I've been doing stuff to make like seem less of an existence, but now I just have to put life into it. Because passion comes with reason :)

~Theme song of the post: "The Reason" by Hoobastank ~
(Well of course right :) )


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