In the past month alone, three of my friends (on FB) asked me to take down pics with them and their exes in it. It wasn't even necessarily pics where they were standing together, just any with both of them in the same photo. Most of these requests are from guys. I guess they weren't introduced to the phrase 'You play you pay'.  
Do they think they're being prudent? I think they're being ridiculous. 
I decided to take down almost all the pictures, and just leave those photos of random sceneries. I'm sure they won't object.
In this day and age of social networking, socializing itself has taken a crazy turn. We know so much more than we want to know about our friends, and so much less than we need to know.

Private affairs are splashed all over public forums. A couple were going through what they claimed to be a silent divorce - with the dirt posted, for everyone to see. Step by step.
Another 'friend', lets call her A, recently got engaged. Her best friend, who also happens to be my best friend from a different circle, (who doesn't log into FB much) didn't know about it. But all of A's thousand odd friends knew that she was engaged to this guy she just met, but she was still in love with and missed her ex-boy friend. How horrible is that to her fiance? On what is their marriage starting!

I myself am not that far behind. I may not use social networking forums, but I use my blog instead. Relying on the fact that it is anonymous. How long will it be? I guess, I will soon go on a cleaning spree of my blog as well.

Why has it become so difficult to find good friends like the ones who had back at school and college these days? Work friends just don't cut it. And everyone's left lonely instead, and end up relying on the internet to be heard and understood. A status being liked has become a reassurance of 'you're not alone'. How long will that reassurance last?

This world has become a complete stranger to me. One day, I might be able to go with it's new found ways, but not today.
Today, I'll finish with my last word:


And maybe 3 more:

Why why WHY ???


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