Have you ever fallen for someone at first sight? May not be love, but a super big crush - so big that just remembering their face makes you all happy happy. Especially more so, because it helped you find out something about yourself.

I just did yesterday. 

I've always loved expressions. Though I respect and really like words for their infinite possibilities and applicabilities, my love affair is with expressions - for its simple reliability. 

So this guy I have a crush on, he goes from sweet to embarrassed to dangerous to shy to broody and then to channelling pure evilness. All within a blink, and so spectacularly. It's not just his deep deep eyes, but his whole face. He's just so beautifully animated, that I just couldn't help falling in love with his expressiveness, and keep smiling all the time when he was around!

Since, he is a celebrity, and I happened upon him in a drama, you can see for yourself - my new lou :P

How can I not like someone who shows all these intense emotions, and manages to be cool, classy and removed!