When the back door opened!

It's been raining for a few days now, and days are lovely.
Every night, for the past few nights, like clockwork - it starts raining at 12:30 AM. It's not helping my nocturnal-ness become normal again one bit! Just about when I wonder if I should maybe hit the sack early, the wind starts howling first. Like a teaser. Even though I don't normally go out at that, I can feel it from the inside. Feel it just by the sound.
Last night it rained again. (After I'd gotten back in from rain watching), as my grandma rushes from her room, and goes out back.
Behind our house, we have a pretty big roofed back yard, where clothes are hung during the rainy season, amongst other things. The whole place is surrounded by a 4 feet wall, above which are metal grills. When its raining hard, if the clothes are not hung on the two sides of the room that are towards the house, and have full walls, they get wet from the rain coming in through the grills. So my grandma was rushing to get them. I followed to help and realized the awesomeness of that place!

So far, every time it rains at night,  I always rush to the front. The front though, has a roof that extends well beyond the front door, so no chance of getting to feel the rain from there.
The back was completely different. It was brilliant! Next time it rains, I'd be rushing there here on :)

Nevertheless, last night I stepped out front as usual (Before my grandma woke up and rushed out!) when it went from drizzling to pouring. I stood there,in what's becoming my usual place, my head stuck to the railing on my door. It was so gorgeous out there, that I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud in happiness a few times too.

The sound of the wind, through the rain - pure magic!
And when that wind find you, carrying with it stray droplets, its like a small slice of heaven being shared with me. I don't think I can ever ever help closing my eyes in those moments and trying to just take it aaalll in. Like I did last night too, greedily!
As I stood there, I saw a vehicle suddenly light up the road.
See, light in rain is a beautiful thing. The lamp post near my house sheds pretty yellow light on the rain below it. The whole thing has an antique delicate feel to it.
Light from vehicles are a different thing. With the change in angle, the focus is more on power of the rain, which is quickly followed by a small demonstration of the power of the human, as he goes slashing through it. So yesterday I watched the head light briefly light up the entire street, accompanied by a hoot. Not thunder, but a human. A girl. There were in front of me too, a girl riding pillion in a bike driven by a guy. (Obviously - right?) When I think about it now, though the whole thing happened in about 3 seconds, the memory is in slow motion for me.
The girl had her arms wrapped around the guy. And when they passed in front of me, like a piece of perfect direction, she unwrapped her arms, spread them wide, palms facing up, hooted while looking upward too, then wiped her face and laughed. The street was lit up by the bike's head light, but she was lit by the street lamp. For one moment, it was pure poetry, and she was a painting.

Some moments can be captured, others are better off left in the memory.


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