Love and Pain

I told you I'm working on a story right? 
The stage is set, and the next step for them to take is that giddy first stage, when you're always happy and everything in the world is rosy. I've been in that stage, albeit briefly, and I'm scared to let her (the heroine) go there. Going there, knowing how she is as a person, would mean she will be very vulnerable.
I know that I'm as much a cynic as I am a romantic. I love reading about it, but I don't believe it. I don't believe it, but I wish it were true. Weird right? But here, I know I'm not alone. Everyone who is loved (almost loved) and hurt has felt this way at some point or the other.
I guess this is it, we've already established she was hurt once too, so she should be a cynic too right? Why should she get into with perfect openness?!
Thank you for helping me again :)
Ta !