Lighthouse lights

I had a dream last night. It was so vivid, I can still remember the colours and scents from it. And the expressions. It's something I have been trying to make myself forget for a while. Sometimes, I feel I'm over it. Sometimes I feel I've forgotten. And then something happens, bringing it all right back to the surface. Where it does not belong!

I woke up from the dream, assaulted by thoughts. I wrote a ton of things, but I wonder if they make sense in broad day light. I'm going to put that here, instead of what the dream was, because I want to forget that dream. Along with the rest.

I slightly feel like a hypocrite for stressing on the forgetting so much. Especially since I was the one who sat and not just remembered, but wondered how it all might have been. Nonetheless, punishment received. Point taken.

Lighthouse Lights

Once again I lay
After yet another one of those dreams
All our memories
Back in all their vividness 

You were so close I caught your scent
Brutally far from me, again you I sent

You're here once again
With the thunder and the rain
Feels so close, then why the pain
As in my bed I lain 
Wondering if you will come yet again

You're just here in my dreams
Like light years, the distance seems
Yet your memory beams 
Like the light from the lighthouse 
That's always there 
So are you
Sweeping over me
Flickering on and off
As and when you choose 
As and when you please

Why won't my boat
Go farther away
Where lighthouse
lights do not come by


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