I'm coming to meet you

This song is from the OST of a Korean drama called "Queen In Hyun's Man", its sung by Doek Hwan
The drama is about a guy who time travel's from 300 years ago to the present, so the song has that much more meaning in that context.
This song, I fell in love with it purely for the first verse. The poetry (not the words, but the image it creates) of it, though very sappy is adorable!

I imagined you
I drew you only in my dreams
I wanted to keep you to myself like a secret

My small star
My small heart
You came to me
I was truly trembling when you were in front of me

I drew you in my mind
I kept you in my dreams
Like this … I met you like this
Why did you make my heart, my heart, tremble
As I was hit by a cold wind
It was you who gave me warmth
Just like this, us only, (us only)
Our love between us will go on forever

As time goes on, as time goes by
My only love
I will look at you only
My love for you will only grow

Even if it is a dream
I will still meet u
I will be the first to show you everything in my heart

Just like this, us only

You can listen to this song here!


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