An empty home

Aren't separations, no matter how well handled, a sad thing to encounter?
They say endings are required for a new beginning, but isn't that something we settle for finally? No matter how brilliant the new beginning is, it is still something that tore us apart inside at one point. We always think, can't it just stay the same. A part of it maybe fear of the unknown, but what. the. hell. I can't let go.
No, I can. But that doesn't mean I like letting go.
No one should have to let go of someone or something that is important to them. Even if they cannot explain why they don't want to let go, why or what about it is important to them ... if they can hold on to it tight - they shouldn't have to be ridiculed for it, or questioned about it.
Even if they are, they should still hold on tight - as long as their heart says its right.