It's funny how the days I cook happen to be the days I eat the least. Not always, but occasionally - maybe it is just more ironic, hence more noticed. And these days when I hardly eat, are the days when my dad is open to opening the nice new bottle of wine.
Then, obviously I drink a bit, and it goes whoooosh, straight to my head.
It's an interesting feeling, like your brain knows your walking on level ground, but it just looks like the ground level is farther than it should be, and feels like may be your inclined backward.
I get tipsy very easily when I drink red wine or vodka on an (almost) empty stomach. I've never actually gotten sloshed, I'll completely blame that on my brother. He made me promise him that I will never drink more than I can handle when I'm not with family. And when I am with family, there's too much to be said heard, that drinking to get drunk has been an unattainable goal. Not that I want to get sloshed. Remember that I am tipsy right now, so I'm just saying what ever comes to my mind first.
I sat down like a good girl, to work on my book, and I got that feeling again, like my laptop is moving away from me, so wanting to capture the moment I came here. Rather here, than there!
In a short while, I shall bid the tipsy good bye as I wash it down with a glass of cold milk.
The world will be normal again, balance restored, and that corner of my mind which is wondering what on Earth my dad has planned for this Sunday, and who it would be this time, will become active again!

To the floor that is still slightly farther than it should be,
this is dreamer signing off!

P.S: Should I risk making a label "Tipsy" signifying the start of a new type of writing? *Evil Smile*