The other side of the river

I'm here.
Did you miss me?
Please say you did!
I've had a rough couple of days
It takes so much effort not to think of someone sometimes
How does a person who stops talking to you
Just like that
whom I wished for his birthday
who replied with when he's coming back
See me online and not say a thing
Granted, I didn't say a thing either
But I apologized
And all you said was 'ok'
You expect me to wave the white flag again?
Even after the birthday wish
Which was technically again darn it!
And yet
So its basically you don't care?
If you didn't,
Why would you tell me when you were coming back to the country?!?
If you did,
Is your ego that big?
Do I not matter at all?
Does the fact that we were best friends
Amount to absolutely nothing to you?
Forgotten already?
Finished the bloody chapter?
Good for you!
Now I'll do that too !

Damn it ! How can a supposed best friend stop talking to you, and continue not talking even after I apologized... even after I stayed up till midnight to wish Happy Birthday. Damn fickle human bonds!

If you ever decide to talk to me again, you bloody well have an 8 page long apology ready!

And damn me if I ever forgive you for this.

P.S: I am not drunk. Just very very very irritated at some people's ability to just cut off bonds and eat it up like its some cheese cake.
Aish chincha !