Sleeping Blues

As I write more and more, I'm noticing that my dreams are becoming that much more vivid. Aspects such as colours, smells and emotions are so detailed.
I've always had too many dreams, so they do not bother me. Lately though, I've been having a few nightmares. As vivid as living it. Last night I woke up clutching my pillow so tight, and I could still see the eyes of the man who had been hunting me in my dreams. I almost clutched my head, wondering if I had hit it, as I had been hiding under a table in my dream. When I have a serious nightmare, I normally call somebody and go back to sleep only after I've forgotten about it. But these days, I've been feeling a bit too old for that. Or maybe its because those friends have gone away or busy ... a bit of both?
Though I claim to have grown too old to be calling friends about it, here I am crying like a baby. Ironic right?
To deal with this, I even brought out my long term boy friend, my Winnie the pooh out of the cup board he had been banished to for the past one and a half years. Sweet heart that he is, hugs me tight without holding any grudges. Even so, all these nightmares are being a real damper on my mood. I'm a person who doesn't even watch scary movies!
I'm trying a lot of things, milk before bed time, watching something funny or cute, listening to my favourite song, thinking happy thoughts... hope this is just a temporary thing and it'll go away soon.

Till later,
Sweet dreams :)


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