Random Reminiscence

1. For the past few days, something was wrong with my Internet, and I couldn't view most blogs. I tried reloading my blog's URL soooo many times, but it wouldn't come up. I'm not particularly obsessed with my blog, but I just like to know it's there, like a place.

2. I have tiny superstitions. I have lucky bags, wallets, and wall papers. I think I believe the wall paper one the most, in spite of my entire rational being telling me that it makes no sense. I'm talking about my phone wall paper ... there are a few that I have, but never use. There's one which is a screen shot of a girl, sitting around brooding over something. That's my luckiest.
I don't know why I believe in it, I just do. There's another of a guy I have a crush on, and I feel I get a lot of work done, when that wall paper is on. Of course there are unlucky and neutral wall papers as well.

3. This year, I was angry at my dad for 2 big reasons. One, he got me a very tiny birthday gift and two, he got my sister an awesome birthday gift. So I was really mad at him. And then he goes and closes off my student loan just like that. Isn't that the best gift ever ?! Now I'm feeling bad for being angry at him in the first place.

4. I had given up on the dinners in 2012. They seemed all cursed. Except the subway ones, but those aren't special dinners. My birthday dinner was inside a hotel room, with an aunt (who was on the phone with someone or the other) - I remember I had something cold and dry. There were also quite a few cancelled dinners, and lonely take outs.
So on the day my loan was closed and I wanted to celebrate, and my sister backed out with a casual, I'm not coming, I was all set for another doomed dinner. Then my friend came along, and there we sat, 2 of us over one plate of crispy peppered lamb for about an hour and a half having one of the most relaxed conversations we've had in a long time. How about that!

The climate outside is like murky waters ... not sunny, but there are small streaks of it. Not raining, but it's cloudy and it occasionally showers a bit. Perfect mood for random reminiscence.


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