I saw a documentary a long time ago, about a lady who was a hundred and twenty years old.
She definitely did not look it... black hair... teeth intact ... she said that around her 105th year, her teeth started to grow back. And her hair started to become black after her 100th year.
Doctors have said its  possible too, that the human body revives itself - sort of recycling, after a 100 years or so.
Basically, if you survive long enough, you just might be born again!

The night is like that too.. till 10, I was wide awake... as it approached 11:30...12:00..then 1:00 AM... I was almost dropping asleep. But now, here at 2:15 AM, I am wide awake again!

If we cross that one line, its like the starting/ finishing line in a long distance run, we can keep re starting I guess.

Last week was really intense for me. So many big things happened. So much so, that I needed to write things in a note book before coming here again. But I didn't write it yet.

It started with .. a spiritual awakening?
Medical marvel ... on 7th August
The same day when my loan actually got paid off - the bank had made some mistake earlier on
I also got a job
Declined it
Finished my first book

I haven't lived through such an emotionally heavy week in a long time!
But there, here I am again, enjoying the rainy seasons, and rejoicing over small things like new head phones once again.

We sure do live a funny life
Going around and around in circles
And occasionally witnessing miracles


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