~ Mystical Experience ~

Too much of a good thing may be a bad thing, but too many good things at once is definitely an AWESOME thing!

Today evening, my dad and I went to a wedding reception. After some yum food, we decided to hit the beach, as it was quite close from there. We reached there, and imagine this:

9:00 PM ... Dark sky, lit up by a hundred or so sky lights that lit up the periphery of the city that I was walking away from.
Gentle drizzle with a few stray heavy drops of rain
The heady mix of the smell of the rain and saltiness of the sea in the air
The sea herself, violent and calm at the same time
An empty beach, which the people had boycotted, leaving it all mine and my dad's
Ice Cream Pot Kulfi in both our hands,
And a conversation that was complete with gestures and "Mm"s and not a single word said.

My dad had promised to take me to the beach today, and hence, though it was raining, there were were. Father and daughter, ice cream kulfi in hand, walking towards the sea. My sea! Though I've imagined it a hundred thousand times, I've never actually been to the beach when it was raining before, and trust me, no mater how intricately I might have imagined it, it wasn't even a shadow of what I saw today.

In my imagination, the rain at the beach had wind and drops all over the surface of the sea. Distant sail boats, that were rocking furiously as the made their way back to shore.

What I saw today though, was nothing short of magical. As we walked to the sea, with barely a 50 metres left to the water, lightning cracked the sky open. It was like the floor of the heavens had cracked. With the sea in front of me, and the wide wide expanse of the sky above me, a little girl's squeal automatically left me as I stared awestruck at the ENTIRE lightning bolt. I've seen lightning from above buildings, through windows, over fields, but this one was the best one so far, Biggest too.
Even as I stood there, still in shock. The happiest of its kind, forgetting my ice cream and the journey to the beach, the thunder rumbled. I love the thunder. If the lightning is a feast for my eyes, the thunder is a feast for my soul. I cannot explain how or why I fell in love with it. I just know that when it thunders, I feel complete. And I'm almost always smiling automatically.
As the thunder boomed, I bolted towards the sea. The next lightning and thunder, I wanted to experience it with a waves lapping at my feet.

My dad didn't come with me to the water, though that was okay with me. He stood a few steps behind and just let me be.

I reached the sea to have another fantastical experience waiting for me. My imagination, of raindrops on the sea, it might have been true for a harder rain, today it was just the shore... with deep secrets. I used to believe that the sea at sunrise, the expanse of liquid gold was the most beautiful sea, but I was wrong. Today, she was the goddess of the night. If the sea were a woman, tonight she wore her shimmery silvery black dress, her sleek hair let down, with grey eyes. Grey eyes that are light and alluring, and ever so inviting, and once you go near, you realize that they are deep, very deep. Yet you cannot leave, because you're bewitched. You cannot move, you just want to know more. That is how the sea was.

I was all alone in front of the sea, and when the sky lit up with a lightning that was hidden by the clouds, I felt like I both owned the place and like I was a very tiny tiny person. The city's lights were quite far, and deep within the sea, at some far away place, I could hear the rain pounding away.

They say that when you find the right person, you will fall in love again and again. Tonight I found out what that meant. The rain and the sea, I don't think I will ever be able to help falling in love with them over and over again till my very last breath!
Today, if it hadn't been for my dad (yes, I did turn around several times to just see him and make sure he's there) I would definitely have been completely freaked out. Since he was there, I was happily played with the sea. It felt like, as I waited for it, it wouldn't come. But when I drew something on the sand with my toes, it slyly came and washed away just that, as if to say I got your message.

We stayed around for a while and left.

Within minutes of starting from the beach, it started raining heavily. The rain really is my boyfriend! Always watching over me ;P
I did another thing I've always dreamt of, but never done before. I kept my window down, and head out, resting on my arms the whole drive home. My face was wet, and when I had to take my head in, I kept my hands out. Slow music in the background.

Some nights are perfect. Few are mystical :)


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