Crystal Cacophony

Avaana looked into the mirror, scrutinizing her reflection. She'd spent almost the entire last hour standing there, constantly making minor changes to her outfit. Looking at herself from the left and the right, and trying to see back view.
It was almost time for them to leave.
With the fuss was making, one would think that she was at least going on a date. But no. She was taking her brother to the dentist. The same brother who now stood at the doorway to her room, shaking his head - implying she was a complete lost case.
"You're doing all this because he might be there?!" he said, stressing particularly on the might, making it sound like a distant possibility. "Huh" Avaana feigned ignorance as she quickly shuffled past him, saying "Stop standing around, and put your shoes on quick! We're almost late." over her shoulder as she stepped out. Her brother merely scoffed at her back as he sauntered over to the car.

They arrived well on time, but to her great disappointment and her brother's glee, he wasn't there. "He" was Sean Chen, the gum specialist, who occasionally came into the clinic when he was needed. Coincidentally, he had been there the last four times that Avaana had taken her brother there. Not only had they met, but they had also shared quite a few witty conversations.
Sean emanated confidence. When he entered a room, his presence filled it, and it was very difficult to miss him. He was chivalrous too. When she had seen him leave with his interning assistant earlier on, he had opened his car door for her, albeit with a little jealousy.

It was during one of their random conversation, as he waited for a patient as he had suddenly looked at Avaana and said: "Hey Avaana, smile for me" with a dazzling smile of his own. Externally Avaana had merely blinked. Internally, she could feel the wheels of her heart turn as what had once been her slight attraction to him transformed itself to a hopeless puppy love.
Sean had merely grinned wider, prompting her to do the same. She didn't know when she had started smiling herself, let alone grin. He took two steps to close the gap between them, as Avaana's eyes widened and cheeks pinked up. She hoped to God that he couldn't hear her heart beat so frantically. He bent down a bit, bringing his tall frame of 5'11'' lower to match her height. And, as she stared in horror, he scrutinized her gums.
He had stepped back just as easily, and remarked something about her having a good set of gums. She wasn't sure if he had said anything after that. The ringing in her ears had been too loud.

Today was the first time she was going back to the clinic after that incident. It was no surprise that she spent that much time making herself up. As she sat in the waiting room, it was no wonder that she felt and looked dejected as much as her excitement earlier on. She couldn't even ask them if he was coming in without raising eye brows at the very least. She stared forlornly at the colourful strings of crystal beads that fell as a curtain at the entrance.
As though sensing the source of her desolation, the friendly receptionist came over and randomly remarked that Dr. Chen was supposed to be in today, but that he's running late. Avaana perked up immediately, althoug a bit embarrassed that her expressions might have given her away. Maybe the receptionist had seen her chatting with him earlier. Avaana looked at her with a much brighter expression as she nodded her acknowledgement. Having found someone to talk to, the receptionist immediately starting talking about a certain Emily, who Avaana assumed was her friend, and how pretty she was. The receptionist went on to describe how sweet Emily had been by inviting her to a party. Though Avaana was confused about why she was happy about being invited to her friend's party, she didn't voice her thoughts, and just listened politely.

Her brother was almost done, and his doctor called Avaana in to give her some instructions. She escorted her brother out, hands filled with leaflets and instruction booklets on what to do after a root canal. Just when they stepped in to waiting area, she noticed him standing there. He was leaning over the reception counter, impeccably dressed as always, and merrily talking about something to the receptionist. His interning assistant stood next to him, smiling. She almost tripped over in her excitement. Thanking God for her brothers reflexes which kept her from falling face first, she smiled at him, as he turned around.
"Aaaahhh.... Avaana!" He said, pronouncing her name with the first 'A' almost silent, in a way that made her heart melt. "Hi Doctor, how are you doing?" She said. Before he could reply, the receptionist interrupted and said said "He was just showing us pictures of Emily! Show her doctor, she knows about her" Avaana looked completely confused, why would he know about Emily?
Sean laughed, "Has she been blowing the trumpet for my wife again?" as he walked towards Avaana, "This is her" he said handing his phone to her. Enlarged in it was the picture of a gorgeous lady. Avaana's heart sank to her feet, and she almost dropped the phone. Her brother swooped in to her rescue again by quickly pulling out the phone from her limp hands and remarking "Naice!" to the doctor. "Thanks dude!" Sean said to him, and continued talking, to the room in general, "Anyway, I just popped in to drop off those files, I'll be leaving now then!" He waved cheerily, then nodded at his assistant as he led the way out.
The line of the song 'Ironic', which went "It's like meeting the man of my dreams, and then his beautiful wife" started playing in her head automatically.

Avaana looked on, as at the doorway, he held back the beaded curtain for his assistant to pass through, gentle man till the very end, smiled one last time at her and left. The colourful crystal beads swung violently from side to side, before they could fall back into their original place. The room was transformed into a temporary cacophony of sounds and colours. Just like her heart.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


Shubham Sharma said…
lovd it..i cant wait to read the whole of it!! here's mine nothing in front of what u hav written but still !! just wanted an opinion AND A VOTE OF COURSE ..:)
Shubham Sharma said…
lovd it..i cant wait to read the whole of it!! here's mine nothing in front of what u hav written but still !! just wanted an opinion AND A VOTE OF COURSE ..:)
Nirvana said…
Nice! Look forward to reading the full story soon. Congrats!!

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