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Sleeping Blues

As I write more and more, I'm noticing that my dreams are becoming that much more vivid. Aspects such as colours, smells and emotions are so detailed.
I've always had too many dreams, so they do not bother me. Lately though, I've been having a few nightmares. As vivid as living it. Last night I woke up clutching my pillow so tight, and I could still see the eyes of the man who had been hunting me in my dreams. I almost clutched my head, wondering if I had hit it, as I had been hiding under a table in my dream. When I have a serious nightmare, I normally call somebody and go back to sleep only after I've forgotten about it. But these days, I've been feeling a bit too old for that. Or maybe its because those friends have gone away or busy ... a bit of both?
Though I claim to have grown too old to be calling friends about it, here I am crying like a baby. Ironic right?
To deal with this, I even brought out my long term boy friend, my Winnie the pooh out of the cup boa…


It's funny how the days I cook happen to be the days I eat the least. Not always, but occasionally - maybe it is just more ironic, hence more noticed. And these days when I hardly eat, are the days when my dad is open to opening the nice new bottle of wine.
Then, obviously I drink a bit, and it goes whoooosh, straight to my head.
It's an interesting feeling, like your brain knows your walking on level ground, but it just looks like the ground level is farther than it should be, and feels like may be your inclined backward.
I get tipsy very easily when I drink red wine or vodka on an (almost) empty stomach. I've never actually gotten sloshed, I'll completely blame that on my brother. He made me promise him that I will never drink more than I can handle when I'm not with family. And when I am with family, there's too much to be said heard, that drinking to get drunk has been an unattainable goal. Not that I want to get sloshed. Remember that I am tipsy right now,…

Crystal Cacophony

Avaana looked into the mirror, scrutinizing her reflection. She'd spent almost the entire last hour standing there, constantly making minor changes to her outfit. Looking at herself from the left and the right, and trying to see back view.
It was almost time for them to leave.
With the fuss was making, one would think that she was at least going on a date. But no. She was taking her brother to the dentist. The same brother who now stood at the doorway to her room, shaking his head - implying she was a complete lost case.
"You're doing all this because he might be there?!" he said, stressing particularly on the might, making it sound like a distant possibility. "Huh" Avaana feigned ignorance as she quickly shuffled past him, saying "Stop standing around, and put your shoes on quick! We're almost late." over her shoulder as she stepped out. Her brother merely scoffed at her back as he sauntered over to the car.

They arrived well on time, but to …

~ Mystical Experience ~

Too much of a good thing may be a bad thing, but too many good things at once is definitely an AWESOME thing!

Today evening, my dad and I went to a wedding reception. After some yum food, we decided to hit the beach, as it was quite close from there. We reached there, and imagine this:

9:00 PM ... Dark sky, lit up by a hundred or so sky lights that lit up the periphery of the city that I was walking away from.
Gentle drizzle with a few stray heavy drops of rain
The heady mix of the smell of the rain and saltiness of the sea in the air
The sea herself, violent and calm at the same time
An empty beach, which the people had boycotted, leaving it all mine and my dad's
Ice Cream Pot Kulfi in both our hands,
And a conversation that was complete with gestures and "Mm"s and not a single word said.

My dad had promised to take me to the beach today, and hence, though it was raining, there were were. Father and daughter, ice cream kulfi in hand, walking towards the sea. My sea! Tho…

The other side of the river

I'm here.
Did you miss me?
Please say you did!
I've had a rough couple of days
It takes so much effort not to think of someone sometimes
How does a person who stops talking to you
Just like that
whom I wished for his birthday
who replied with when he's coming back
See me online and not say a thing
Granted, I didn't say a thing either
But I apologized
And all you said was 'ok'
You expect me to wave the white flag again?
Even after the birthday wish
Which was technically again darn it!
And yet
So its basically you don't care?
If you didn't,
Why would you tell me when you were coming back to the country?!?
If you did,
Is your ego that big?
Do I not matter at all?
Does the fact that we were best friends
Amount to absolutely nothing to you?
Forgotten already?
Finished the bloody chapter?
Good for you!
Now I'll do that too !

Damn it ! How can a supposed best friend stop talking to you, and continue not talking even after I apologized... even after I staye…


I saw a documentary a long time ago, about a lady who was a hundred and twenty years old.
She definitely did not look it... black hair... teeth intact ... she said that around her 105th year, her teeth started to grow back. And her hair started to become black after her 100th year.
Doctors have said its  possible too, that the human body revives itself - sort of recycling, after a 100 years or so.
Basically, if you survive long enough, you just might be born again!

The night is like that too.. till 10, I was wide awake... as it approached 11:30...12:00..then 1:00 AM... I was almost dropping asleep. But now, here at 2:15 AM, I am wide awake again!

If we cross that one line, its like the starting/ finishing line in a long distance run, we can keep re starting I guess.

Last week was really intense for me. So many big things happened. So much so, that I needed to write things in a note book before coming here again. But I didn't write it yet.

It started with .. a spiritual awakening?

Far Away

There is a place,
Far from the city.
The sky there is the widest.
Giant sky scrapers of the city,
Where thousands of busy people worked;
Looked like small Lego buildings from there.

A gravel road,
Just wide enough for one car to pass through it,
A road which also doubled as a bridge
Above a tunnel
Through which the wide expanse of a river flowed.
A river that flowed to the sea.

Wild flowers grew along the side of the road ...
Three ducks floated along
With the most peaceful expressions on their little faces.

At this place,
At that time,
There were heavy clouds above -
Somehow looking not as formidable as they could have.
The air was crisp and cool
The rain was coming in
From not so far away

At a distance,
An old man stood in a narrow boat,
With a long rowing stick
Was fishing,
He seemed just like the surroundings -
At peace.

A rickety old cycle passed by,
And the noise it made
Did not disturb the quiet that the place inspired ...
If anything, it added to the poetry of it all.

At that …

Random Reminiscence

1. For the past few days, something was wrong with my Internet, and I couldn't view most blogs. I tried reloading my blog's URL soooo many times, but it wouldn't come up. I'm not particularly obsessed with my blog, but I just like to know it's there, like a place.

2. I have tiny superstitions. I have lucky bags, wallets, and wall papers. I think I believe the wall paper one the most, in spite of my entire rational being telling me that it makes no sense. I'm talking about my phone wall paper ... there are a few that I have, but never use. There's one which is a screen shot of a girl, sitting around brooding over something. That's my luckiest.
I don't know why I believe in it, I just do. There's another of a guy I have a crush on, and I feel I get a lot of work done, when that wall paper is on. Of course there are unlucky and neutral wall papers as well.

3. This year, I was angry at my dad for 2 big reasons. One, he got me a very tiny birthday gi…