Weblog + Movie review: The Dark Knight Rises !

Yes yes yes ! I've seen it :D
Oh, I had such an amazing day on the whole, that I have to make a weblog-gy post.
[I'll tell you when my spoilers for the movie start, so post that point, please read AFTER you've seen the movie!]

So my day started early today, with my dad waking me for some work at the bank. We got it done pretty quickly, and I opted to walk the short distance back home, so he could go straight to work from there. As luck would have it, my footwear bonked out on me, but as real luck would have it, it did so 5 steps away from a cobbler. Since I had my music, plenty of time and the climate was pleasant, I had absolutely no issues waiting around for him to repair my shoes.

So there I was, standing along the side walk and watching the traffic. Right about then, a guy in a scooter who crossed the road, and drove straight up the side walk. It took ALL my willpower to not laugh at his expression. Though he looked a lot awkward, it turned out that he had intentionally driven up there, so he could wait for someone. Since he was pretty cute, I wasn't complaining ;)

Then I got more lucky, an old school friend happened to cross by, and we caught up quickly. Soon after, someone who recognized me, and knew my mom stopped by to talk to me. She was sweet crinkly old lady, who waited with me till he was done. We walked a small distance together, before we went our separate ways.

With that pleasant start, I got home, and was soon getting ready for the super combo : Tuna Sub + The Dark Knight Rises.

I'm gonna rewind by 3 days here

17th July 2012

Toing toing toing

me: u have col on Friday ?
 zoo: ya i do
  why is it a govt holiday"
10:31 PM i have on sat also :(
  depression already setting in
 me: no, dark night rises is releasing
  I wanna see first day first show :P
 zoo: waaahhh dont remind me :(
  oo lol naice!
 me: bunk na
 zoo: ive never seen anything first day first show
 me: me too !!
 zoo: u should book now or u wont get tickets
  o no ur tempting me to bunk...
10:32 PM but will we get tickets?
 me: one day earlier na
  will go to skywalk on thurday
 zoo: u might not get
 me: if I get tickets, u'll bunk ?
 zoo: ... temptation!!!
 me: it may not be in cinemas for a month after
 zoo: waaaah dont depress meeee
10:33 PM but if i start fasting on fri!?
  il bunk?
  coll io mean
 me: you still dont know ?
 zoo: i*
 me: yesh yesh !
 zoo: nah it depends on whether they site the moon
 me: ooh...
 zoo: but i dont wanna ditch u off
 me: u'll know by thurday morn ?
 zoo: im cool with bunkin :p
10:34 PM me: :D
  yaayy !
 zoo: wait il ask my mo
  hold on
 me: okie :)
 zoo: ok so dad said 98% its on sat only
10:35 PM me: lets do it !
  iif we get tickets
 zoo: but if that 10% happens?
 me: 2 % na
 zoo: lol yea getting tickets will also be super difficult
 me: its a friday
  and eng movie
 zoo: you prob have to book wed late night
  like 2 am typees
10:36 PM yaa but since its batman
  itll get sold pout!
 me: o.o
  I dont know online mooking
  dont have credit card so
 zoo: ok il try wed nght!
 me: oka...
 zoo: if by 1 am or so i can book il get
 me: but isn't it 24 hours prior ?
 zoo: otherwise ul have to run to skywalk :D
10:37 PM me: yush !
 zoo: lol yay excitement :D
 me: 10 AM, I'll be there by 9.45 :P
 zoo: sooper :Dme: happiness :D

18th July 2012

Me: Hey, so you’re gonna try booking tonight midnight, and if u get tickets, leave a text, or I’ll go get it tomo    morning.
Zoo: Call!
Miki: Hey, what you up to?
Me: Plotting perfect method to ensure we get FDFS Dark Knight tickets.
She calls me, and goes ever so slowly,
Miki: Umm…. Bookings have already opened, my bro just booked his tickets for Saturday. Friday tickets are almost all sold out.
Me: Whhaaaa~aaatttt!!!

What ensued was a series of screeches and exclamations, conference calls, series of website checking, and contingency actions. At the end of which we had it. 2 tickets to one of the top rows, right at the center seats of the first day second show of The Dark Knight Rises!

It was on a Friday, and at 2: 30 PM, so obviously a Tuna sub (Sub of the day :D ) was gonna be the lunch plan!  

19th July 2012

With just one day to go, the logical thing to do is to watch The Dark Knight. It was done meticulously.

Annnnnddd all set!

So back to today :)

20th July 2012

1: 10 PM: Pick up Zoo on the way to Subway
1: 15 PM: Start the Tuna ordering process
1: 24 PM: Tuna subs in our hand, and 21 minutes to eat it. We had to leave at 1:45, as we didn't know the way to the cinema.

This is something that subway fans probably already know, but I'm repeating it just in case; 
Never go to Subway on your first date! In fact, don't go there on your first 5 dates ;)
Go there with friends who will happily laugh at your face,
Always get extra tissue with tuna subs
And for those unfortunate times with the tuna escapes the confines of your sub, they have folks at the counter - so you can scoop it up without losing too much of your decency - unlike trying to lick it off the paper, though you may be very very tempted to do so!

In spite of the technical difficulties, we finished in the stipulated time! 

1:50 PM: Zoo's phone started talking. GPS navigation system!
 It was the first time I was using one, and apart from the interesting statements she/it used, it was totally useless (Sorry Zoo :P ) We went all over the place! And finally found the cinema by good old fashioned asking for directions.Hehe.

The place looked like it was international men's day. There were a total of about 9 girls there. (Don't tell my dad!) Did we regret it? Till the titles, totally! After it... FIRST DAY SHOWS ARE THE BEST !!!!!

If you weren't planning on watching it though, please change your mind, and go watch it!

So I'm gonna keep it Brief!

Best. Movie. EVER!

In a little bit more detail, and in no particular order, as my head is bubbling from the movie's awesomeness!

It was more like the best ending ever. Which by itself is a big big give away.

My first pleasant surprise was that Anne Hathaway was in it. I've always liked her, 
Its also a definite definite plus that Batman finally gets a girl. I don't know if he'll get to keep her, but for once he got a girl.
As someone who read the comics too long ago, and watched bits of the cartoon, and has forgotten both of it, I was soo soo glad tha no one important died. I almost thought Fox would!
Annnnddddd, Robin is finally here! I'm so looking forward to the next movie, where it'll be Batman and Robin!

Now that the gushing is over, my proper critique of the movie.

On the down side, Anne Hathaway's costume looked too much like a cat woman wanna be. I know she's a cat burglar and all, but c'mon, a little bit more creativity wouldn't kill ya! Another thing that I did not get was the way they tossed around that nuclear reactor turned bomb. I am not very strong in physics, so honestly telly me, wouldn't rattling that thing around set it off? o.o
Another big set back was how the tore apart Bono's gruffness with sentimentality in the end. It was like you suddenly realize that the dragon you were both in awe of and scared of, was in fact a lizard's shadow.
And lastly, the most comedic part of the movie was Marion Cottilard (As Miranda Tate/ Talia)'s death. She went like how cartoon characters die. Talk talk talk - punch dialogue, then toduk, neck falls, and she's dead.

That said, I liked this movie. Definitely. Christopher Nolan has not let us down one bit. The tone was interestingly different. And at many places, I felt like it was very similar to other super hero movies, though this movie didn't feel so much as a super hero movie by itself. And at some others, it felt like a detective theme.
On the whole though, it was more a platform where Bruce Wayne finally finds the balanced Batman. That's the Dark Knight who rises. 
Till now, he had anger and a strange sense of owing - probably for his father, as a motif to be Batman and Rachel as a motif to not be Batman. But he finally did not have extremes pulling at him anymore. Rachel's dead, and he gave his everything to save Gotham City. So the Batman hence forth will be completely Bruce Wayne's Batman, with (hopefully) no self destructive tendencies. Which was beautifully depicted with him literally being trained to fear death again.

This movie divided its focus between him attaining that balance and the making of soon to be very important - one of the best super hero side kicks ever - ROBIN! Which when we finally realize it's him, you cannot help but grin happily. 

Somethings I did not understand why were - Why did Bruce Wayne have to be killed off, and his property divided? Wasn't it just Batman who needed a fresh start?
And why oh why oh why are Americans so in love with the idea of destroying entire cities?! Avengers, Transformers ... most super hero movies have a major bulk of cities being brutally ripped apart, with thousands dying - but all the important characters and one sentiment inducing school bus or an old age couple barely surviving. If there is a logic behind that, please let me know!

So that's how it was. A very very very satisfying ending, where both Zoo and I couldn't help but keep grinning. I loved that Alfred got to be pleasantly surprised, and all his patient waiting finally bore fruit!
Now I shall patiently wait for the next edition of Batman... and...wait for it! Robin!

So that's how my day was :)
We've already made plans to watch it again on the big screen!
Hope you had a great day as well !

Cheers *.*


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