Violin in the woods

The calming sound of thunder.
Rustling of leaves and sticks that sunder

People's smiles that light up their faces
Laughter that can light up places

Waking up, feeling fuzzy, towards the end of a happy dream
Finding true happiness in a cone of ice cream

Smelling upcoming rain
Making it just in time for a train

Someone you like smiling at you
Wondering if they feel it too

A friend finding you in crowd
Making someone proud

Waking up to a happy text 
Expecting a queue, but you're next

Knowing someone trusts you
Finding out that what you thought of as a lie was in fact true

A dimple
A crinkle

Almond cake with chocolate icing
Your favourite brand with on-sale pricing

Having a crush
Song of the wood thrush

Finding someone to talk to about your unique hobby
Spending a conference time at the hotel lobby

Soul searching eyes
Burger and French fries

A favourite novel, comfy chair, and hot chocolate :)
Memories of once pretending to be a pirate

The perfect date
Sleeping late

That moment when your celebrity crush first appears in the movie and you can't stop grinning
When you get off the merry go round, and your head was still spinning

Learning to ride a bicycle, and hitting a fence
Getting your driver's licence

Using chopsticks for the first time, and the food almost reaches your mouth, before crashing down
And the laughter after, in which all embarrassment drowns

Wearing eye liner for the first time
And now, I think I'll stop trying to rhyme :)

I was reading one of those random pictures in face book that are essentially texts. This one read "When you look at your crush, and he smiles at you". I remembered that feeling. Nice feeling isn't it? When suddenly every one else in the room is non existent for that one moment. 
I happened to be talking to a friend, and we both keep telling each other that we should have slept earlier every morning, but it seems to be mission impossible. It's these little things in life that makes life super fun. When normalcy is being defied. or when small normal things get to you completely.
I almost wrote about a certain night, an empty road, stars above, a tree climbed and a patient bike.
Wrote half a paragraph and deleted it. Because some memories are more precious right where they are now :)


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