That Random Moment From My Day Dream

Have you watched a movie and wished it happened to you?
Have you randomly day dreamt that this perfect guy comes along, with a cheesy one liner, and you give the wittiest reply, and hit it off completely?

I have. Tons and tons of times! It's sometimes when I'm reading at a mall, or sometimes, when I'm walking nonchalantly in the park.
Today it happened to me.
I was walking along, looking for a store to buy something. Head phones plugged in, and my hair roughly pulled in a knotted bundle, so all the straight strands fell like a fountain from it. I was navigating my way along the side walk, when this guy sitting on a bike grinned at me.
He was sitting pillion, behind this other guy was wearing almost complete formals (grey shirt and black pants). This guy was dressed, and looked more or less like a DJ. Black tee with white stripes... longish face with a French beard, an iPhone with the head phones wound around it.
Since there was a bit of traffic, I was soon ahead of them, and quickened my pace to keep it that way. I had to take a turn, and get on the road to pass some barricades, when they their bike stopped bang in front of me.
"What's your name?" He asked.
Since my mommy taught me never to speak to strangers, I answered  with a "Why?", while trying to see if I can just walk past. I took a step forward, which landed me right next to him.
"I like your attitude, so I wanna know:"
What you can make out from a girl  walking, I know not. I wasn't even wearing a tee shirt that screamed 'I'm a bit crazy, but that's why I RULE!' - no, that was yesterday! I'm pretty sure he was fishing for my number, with the number of times he looked at my phone, which I had temporarily taken out of my pocket, to pause the music.
I looked confused, the expected expression: offended and slightly in a hurry as I replied with a
"Thank you... I guess" and walked away quickly.

They passed me in a second, and the guy was still smiling at me like a friend he knew, and waved, as they drove away.

This is definitely not how it ends in my dreams!
But it got me thinking of all the times I've averted my gaze if I found someone looking.
I am not sure if I believe in fate, or in the soul mate concept - but what if, just what IF that were true, and I had just walked past without introducing myself, because of my - ironically - attitude?
Attitude ...or belief that I can't just randomly pick up a conversation with a stranger I meet on the road! Why is finding that someone so difficult? I wish we were born into this world as memory cards. Pairs predetermined, you take one look and you know that's the one you're with. Sigh.
Next time someone stops me, would I tell him me name?
I wonder....Hmmm.... Would you?


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