I'm not ;)

I wanted to title this inspiration, but Inspired just sounds so much more awesome doesn't it?

I've just been reading blogs, comments, and random stuff... all except writing.
I want to write a story. A story I already know. But I haven't been able to.
What I have been able to, is to learn more about myself.

I am an anonymous writer. In what I write, there is more of characterisation that identities. I've been writing more of "She"s and "Her"s rather than about people with names. That is something I've only just recently started. Or maybe, I have this humongous writer's block for this story because its about real people, and it is for them, with characters named after them. That should make it so much easier na? That is what I thought too! But no, the thing is, I want them to be able to read it as their story... not a  writer's story, but more as a book of memories... like looking at a video of yourself.

[After this point I'm just brainstorming and thinking aloud]

So when I look at a video, that someone else has taken of me, I see me there. Not the me I see in my head, but the me that they see..saw...what was. So when I, when I read a book about myself, it should be, again, the me that someone else saw. But since this is a gift, I should do what photographers do to photos before giving it to people. Poetry is the photo-shopping of memories... I think :/

I know what the last statement is going to be; "And they lived happily ever after"

Did you know that J.K.Rowling wrote the last chapters of her last book after she finished the first book? That's probably why it kinda sucked in the end. Though, over the years, she grew as a writer, the tone of the first book matched the tone of the last chapter, without following the flow of the story.
I am very scared that I might do it. I'm very impatient, when I'm blogging, it is usually me figuring out an issue, so I am not so impatient to know the end. But with stories, I tend to predict the ending before I get even the characters fully formed. That's why I've been writing my open ended story lets; to curb my irritating need to know what happens in the end.

So with this story, I do not have that issue, as I already know the full story.

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Sometimes, a thousand pictures can be taken at an instant that can be described with one word. So it is now my task... challenge, to write the remaining words.

Also, there is this whole "he said" and "she said" perspectives. I know the story from her perspective, but the gift is for both of them, so it has got to be from a neutral perspective. So I read between the lines? (more like write...but yunno...!) But that would make it more of fiction, which is not something I am going for at the moment. That would also implicate the restriction of dialogues... and expressions... or maybe not ?

I think I can do it...
I actually started... but the tone was way way off, even to me. And it was too short. Like, I was going for a Ballad song, and ended with one verse of Rap only. Tomorrow I'm going to start afresh.

I was so blocked mentally, that I stayed up late just so I could write that or this at night.
Yunno what I realized? If I ever start writing seriously, I'll officially be turning nocturnal! The nights are awesome :)

I think I figured how I will go about it...
*Her character sketch
*Her dreams of life

Okay... so it has to be focused on her. She leads the story, but he's the hero, so he has an important role to play too.

*How they met
*Them getting to know each other
*The proposal
*The preparations
*The transition
Throughout, while writing, I have to keep telling myself to pace it, and not rush it all into one page, just because I know what will happen next! This is brilliant!!! Do you see it? This story is my first step towards redemption from suckdom! I always stop writing, or don't write well when I know what is going to happen next. because it kind of becomes boring in my head at that point. But the objective of writing is not telling a story to myself, it is whom I'm telling the story for!!! So I have to finish it, and keep it as interesting as possible. Otherwise, my reason is already the crown to my reign in suckdom.

So continuing;
*The Challenge
*Corner stones
*The establishment
*The year
*Renewal of courtship

(And yeah, if you haven't guessed already, it's a wedding gift! She's too busy now, so I know she won't read this :P )
*The countdown

Yush! I was fiddling with the idea of making the entire story a count down to the wedding, but putting the last 5 days in one chapter makes soooo much more sense! Bloggy, and writing, if you were a person, I'd hug you right now! heck, I'd marry you :*

*Last night as Bachelor/ Bachelor-ette
*And it is finally happening!
(Which will be a series of pictures)

The title ... I'm toying with something fairy-taily or a proper name ...Hmm... that I can decide in a while.
I'm so glad we talked this through :)
Niki Miki, I'm bugging you tomorrow morning for more of this :P
Which reminds me...I have to get 2 blood tests tomorrow ...doom....depression [Don't think about it! Don't think about it! Don't think about it! Don't think about it! Don't think about it!] I'm off now! Will keep you updated on the progress of the story, and come here to rant ;)
Since I'm so happy, I can't help but remark that who ever ends up as my boyfriend will have it so easy with me, all he has to do is hear me through, and we'll be great. Sigh... but those silly boys never realize that sometimes, their attention is all I need. Not their advice. Anyway, bloggy, you're jjang :D

Gu night now !

P.S: Inspired ..I am !


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